Anxiety Problem

Anxiety Problem

Hello Everyone, I need prayer "please" for chronic anxiety and brain fog that i've dealt with for some time now. I've seen several Doctor's and been diagnosed with everything from Hypoglycemia to Epstein-Barr, which can possibly be the root of the problem...but the inability to work full time weighs heavy on me causing relapses. I quote peace scriptures but lately I've been struggling on a daily basis. Please if anyone can help with prayer I'd be forever in your debt. I'm just trying to find peace in God with this situation and work part time, even volunteering if possible, energy permitting... to find my place. Thank You so very much, all of you.


Josh I am so sorry for your pain and I will pray for you- I believe our God is a God of miracles and I believe He still has many plans for your life. If we draw close enough to our God we become filled with His presence and life- that is when His joy becomes our strength- I am asking the Lord to manifest His Glory and show you His love- your brother Larry


Josh, I am praying for you.
I have suffered with the same problem for three years til I insisted on specific blood tests for my thyroid.
All this time I wasted because no Dr. would believe me or think of it on his own.
That is exactly what is wrong with me.
I have Hashimoto's disease and am praying the meds work soon.
It could take up to 3 more weeks for me to even begin to feel and see a difference.
It is scary suffering this way, isn't it?
I am praying!

Josh, I'll pray for you, too.

When I was much younger (back in my early 20s), I got my first anxiety attack and my life changed. I was constantly on the lookout for the next one to take place...and just the fear of the next attack was enough to drive me nuts!

I saw doctors, had some surgeries for those things that they thought were wrong, went on medications, but nothing seemed to work. Every day, I lived in fear and panic. 24-hours a day. 7 days a week.

One day, I just decided that I was going to take back all of the power that I had ever given this fear. I wasn't going to feed it anymore. I prayed very hard on this for a long time, and I asked for help.

The next time I felt a panic attack coming on, I thought to mysef - "Go ahead, shake me. You didn't kill me the last time, and you're not going to kill me this time. I'm going to get through this."

I stopped drinking alcohol (which I justified as having a tranquilizing effect on me), and I stopped all caffeine. I forced myself to get 8 hours of sleep each night. I began taking vitamins and eating right. I started drinking water as my only liquid.

I can't remember the last time I had a panic attack...and there was a time when I couldn't imagine life without the constant fear of having a panic attack.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, Josh.
God Bless you all.

I've lost a career that I couldn't go to for so much anxiety in the A.M. that I was exhausted by noon. My wife has been a strength, with prayer and optimism thank God, but I'm trying not to burden her lately with the broken record of symptoms.

I'm tired of hiding and making up explanations to people of what I do for a living...because no one understands the illness, and dare I say especially at church, the thing is you look well enough on the outside but the inner tension and exhaustion, usually at the same time gives me a couple of good hours a day.

Boanerges - I'm trying to draw closer even as I type this, and consistently do so on a daily basis, abiding and walking in the spirit. It seems I get off track easy.

Violet - When I'm feeling the brunt of this I will pray for you... and only hope and pray to be as positive as you seem. I hope the med's will do the trick...And I plan to get my thyroid checked, funny you said that my mother mentioned the same thing.

Whirlwind - This brought tears to my eyes...It's like looking in the mirror though not 24/7 that must have been horrendous. Would you care to share what type of surgeries (I completely understand if not), as I'm seeing Doctors now for the Epstein-Barr and scheduled to see a Rheumatoligist for the auto- immune acpect. Also I have a sister that wants me to fly to New York to see a Dr. and take Interferon for the problem. Problem is I don't travel/sleep you can imagine and I don't think I can tolerate any more brain fog...especially from a medication.

Thank You "ALL" so much ...words can't explain my gratitude.
Love, Josh


Josh we love you and will be praying for you-

First, the doctors thought that my anxiety was due to ulcers. I was tested, and they discovered several very large gallstones. I had a surgery to remove my gallbladder, but this did nothing for the anxiety.

Next, the doctors thought that my symptoms (the anxiety usually started with a funny trembling-rumbling in my a seizure at my core) indicated a hernia. They sent me to a specialist, and he did indeed find a hernia. It was repaired, but this didn't do anything for the anxiety.

I had my tonsils removed because of frequent strept infections since I was a youngster, doctors thought that this might ease the symptoms. I had a liver biopsy (the worst experience of my life!) to see if there was anything wrong there.

For a while, I felt so helpless and lost. There wasn't anybody in this world who could help me when I felt so terrified all the time. I couldn't listen to people talk about death or souls or the afterlife or car accidents. I couldn't watch TV because the news made me realize how easily life could be cut short. It was awful. The littlest thought about dying or death made me realize that one day (maybe soon) I was going to sip in my last breath and that would be it.

Like I said, I can't remember when I had my last panic attack...but I certainly remember what they felt like and would never, ever want to experience another one of them again. But I know that when and if I do have another attack, it's not going to kill me and it's only going to be as strong as I allow it to be.

I forgot to I get plenty of exercise and I try very hard to manage my stress levels. When I'm angry, I try to find constructive ways to release it (like writing letters to the people I'm angry at - setting them aside - and then reading back over them later on and realizing how silly it was of me to be angry to begin with). When I'm happy, I rejoice and praise God. When I'm sad, I go ahead and cry. I think it really helps to monitor your feelings and allow your emotions to show through. Release them, whatever your emotions are, try not to keep things bottled up inside.

I also realized that everybody will eventually die (in body). Not just me, God wasn't just picking on me. But death doesn't have to be the end, and I have a lot of learning to do before it happens to me.

You're still in my prayers, Josh. :)