any advise on marriage

any advise on marriage

hey whats up guys hope and pray that you all are doing good and it is my prayer that God continue to bless you with good health and give you the desies o your heart. in the same breath continue to strive and please God. just wnated to ger some advise rom the married brothers and sisters what can you say to a young guy as am about to be maried in a couple of months to sustain a healthy God filled marriage having t he most possible fun with my wife the rest of my life.​

Congratulations! I pray God will belss you with many years as a godly couple. One turth shared with me before I got married seemed almost too simple to be true, but I found it to be very, very true. This person told my wife and I that marriage was a triangle. Husband on the bottom left, wife on the bottom right and God at the top. As each of us got closer to God we would also get closer to each other. How true!
Hi Mark as my brother bangee said God first is the most important principle in a marriage- the thing I consider the next most important after 27 years of marriage is this:
Life, work, business, kids, troubles etc,etc,etc- all these things will compete for your time- if after 10 or 20 years you can tell me that you are still pursuing and romancing your wife with the same zeal that you do now your honeymoon will never end- it is the easiest thing in the world to be distracted and caught up in life- you get busier and busier - then you start drifting apart- by the time they have raised the kids many couples don't even know each other anymore- don't let this happen to you and your marriage will be rich and full- I think I will call my wife at work now and sing her a love song! Congatualtions and blessings in His Name- larry
Both of the above has given sound advice. If both you and your wife put God first in your marriage, then He will bless you beyond your wildest imagination. It is not a sacrifice to put God higher than your wife, because he will lift you both so much higher than you could ever get on your own power.
Hi Bangee!

I will have to completly agree with always puting God first in your marriage! It truly is the best thing you can do to have a long, fullfilling and happy life together with your wife. I would like to add something to that! Something that has helped my husband and I very much. As you probably already know, nobody is perfect and as the years pass, both you and your wife are going to start noticing things about eachother that you don't like, don't aprove of or just simply irritate you. I am not being negative, just realistic. So, when that hapends, the best thing to do for both of you is to take what bothers you to the Lord and not constantly correct and nit pick eachother. This is the thing that helped my husband and I the most. We just determined from the beggining that we are not here to correct eachother all the time and to try to change eachother. That's God's job. Doing that has made both of us want even more to be as good to eachother as we can be. When your spouse is loving and encouraging and most of all forgiving and understanding, your reaction and desire is to give as much of yourself as you possibly can, not to mention that it gives you wings and makes you feel like you can do anything! The other positive that came out of doing this was that we both did change for the better, but not because we nagged eachother to change but because we allowed God to do the changing in us!

God bless you and your wife and may you have the marriage that God intends for you to have!

thanks yall im lookin forward to putting them into practise and you are right its not my job to change any one God does it thanks and Gods blessings
moretimes bangee