Any music videos and songs on Christian unity?

Feb 8, 2008
Any music videos and songs on Christian unity?

Hello everybody,
I think we can share songs and videos about the unity. I find unity very important and I would like to encourage church to heavenly unity :groupray: by sharing songs :guitar: on this topic. Or on what God can do through the unity of his bride... If you have anything just post it here, please.

I hope it will encourage us all :israel:
Sep 4, 2007
Well..... I don't have any sound on my computer at present, so I don't know if this youtube video plays the song or not....... but....

Rachel Lampa
"Day of Freedom"

YouTube - Day Of Freedom By:Rachael Lampa!

Verse 1:

One man lived to bring a vision
One man died to save a nation
One voice calls us all to freedom
In the Name of Love

Reaching out to one another
Joining hands of every color
Name each one a sister and brother
In the Name of Love

Let us Praise the Name of Jesus all across the world


We're the children of the faith
Though we walk in diffrent ways
Let's live our lives to celebrate
The day of freedom

Verse 2:

Tore down all the walls between us
Broke up all the chains that bound us
Found the common ground beneath us
In the Name of Love

Let us step into the water
Let us drink the blood of Jesus
No more wars to seperate us
In the Name of Love

Let us build a bridge that reaches all across the world