Anyone Else's Faith In Humanity Low?

Mar 6, 2014
Not to sound depressing but man negativity all around me. I'll share some of my recent stories

*Working security in the ghetto/hood, plenty of homeless. Hand out some cash here and there. One guy comes on his bike. I stop him and give him some cash.He asks me"why would you give a stranger money" As hes riding away he says "Im going for a beer now" and left.

*Got a girls number at school, turned out to be from a strict Christian family. We vibed very well and talked a lot.Told me shes straight edge and doesn't party. Talk with her for a while and makes herself seem interested. Her friend tagged her in pictures partying and drinking the other day. She deleted it right away lol. Fast forward two days later , she deleted me entirely off facebook for no reason. Didnt to reply to my message when I asked her why she did.

*My friend messages me yesterday telling me one of my good friends is in his college class that just started. Now this friend I have always helped so much in the past. Always do any favor he asks for , no ifs and or buts. He told me yea he was talking about you today in class. I ask him what did he say (out of curiosity). He goes he said you have a really good heart but he said you're a square. Square basically means a loser.

*At my job (Security) I get placed in the ghetto areas a lot because its dangerous and security is mandatory. All the clients always tell me to taze or pepper spray any homeless that come by for fun. One of the clients even got mad at me when I told him I didnt taze/spray anyone when my shift was over. A church group also comes by to feed the homeless and every single one of my clients ive worked with makes fun of them and tells me to hurt them if they trespass on private property. They get a laugh out of it.

I can go on for days. None of this is in numerical order but it just keeps going on. Negativity all around me. It gets depressing sometimes. Any particular bible verses on this kind of subject. Do any of you guys also struggle with this?
Jul 14, 2014
You are right to have no "Faith" in Humanity.....
"The heart of man is incurably wicked"....
"All the intentions of man's heart are continually on evil"
You will have to accept this.... that the Good comes from God - not from Man.....
Once you do - you will understand... You won't like it, but it won't surprise you....

So... Pray that God will send you HIS CHOICE for a Godly woman at the right time.... Pray that God "closes the door" on those who are not right for you.... Don't underestimate God's work in preparing someone..... Just because they are wild or unruly now - that doesn't mean God won't straighten them out in the future.... The thing is... If YOU straighten them out - they will hate you... If God straightens them out - it's totally different...

We live in a fallen, cursed world my friend.... Let your light shine.
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