Apologies for downtime and lost data


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Apologies for downtime and lost data

We have just migrated to a new server and encountered some issues on the way. As a result a few posts, thread and two member accounts were lost. I've re-created the member accounts from the email alerts I get and sent the the new login details.

Curtis from www.amnhosting.com got the site repaired and back up running. Oh and he just joined CFS as 'curtis'. Well he's the technical person who works behind the scenes. Thanks Curtis. :D
Curtis did everything. I was just instructing him a bit. I could never handle it by myself. I guess I'll have to learn certain basic things. Shared account was really simple to maintain. This one's too confusing!!
There are certain members who cannot access our board. The reason is that specific ISPs' DNS resolvers may have the old, cached information still. Therefore, certain users on specific ISPs (or maybe using those specific DNS resolvers), may still be seeing the old CFS. It can take all the way up to ~ 72 hours for everything to 'totally' clear up.

We need to wait for 48-72 hours so that DNS can propogate through different ISPs around the globe. Until then, we will have low activity here.

If you are in contact with anyone outside of the forum who is still seeing
the old forum, something that might help them is to run the following command
by clicking "Start" and then "Run":

ipconfig /flushdns

Hope this helps, otherwise they will have to wait for their ISP's DNS to update as
Jeff said!

I am still battling.
About 30% of the time I get on the site. The other 70% I get either the original announcement that you will be back Monday or the second announcement saying to flush the dns.