Apple presses, etc.

My mother has just got this little set up

We have an old apple tree. It's apples are not good keepers but we find it makes superb juice which we store in a freezer. Every year has been a struggle trying to get it through a juicer so we though we'd get this press. The tree didn't crop too well this year and most of our other apples have been used up but we are thinking of buying some eaters to try in it. Anyone here use one?

Also, my mother is starting to wind down part of her vegatable plot in the bit of land we rent as it gets harder for her to manage. She wants gradually to turn the space into an orchard. We don't know what the old tree is but I worry it's getting older and think what it produces is very worthwhile. Has anyone here had experience with getting part of an old tree grafted and had and success with it?