Apple Touchscreen Tablet

Apple Touchscreen Tablet


Though the release of an Apple touchscreen tablet now seems inevitable, it’s unlikely this will be announced in September. Some publications cite anonymous sources saying an Apple tablet will be announced this fall, while others claim it will launch early 2010. We’re betting early 2010 is more realistic.

That’s because Apple is no longer participating in the Macworld Expo trade show to launch new products, and the company would be wise to save its biggest news to compete with other companies announcing new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Why fire all the ammo in September?

Apple’s rumored tablet, which has been described by tipsters as a larger-screen iPod, is shaping up to be the most anticipated gadget since the iPhone. It could make 2010 a very exciting year. We’ve speculated it will be the “year of the tablet,” citing sources claiming Dell, Intel, HTC and other tech companies are preparing tablets to compete with Apple.

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Yes you are right many other tech companies are preparing tablets to compete with Apple like I just seen Motorola Xoom tablet. Exclusive Motorola Xoom tablet that runs on smart Android 3.0 OS and provides you seamless performance. As per the Motorola Xoom review, this tablet is loaded with dualcore 1GHz processor and integrates 1GB of DDR2 RAM and internal memory of 32GB. This Motorola tablet has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support. It has front camera of 2 MP camera and rear camera of 5 MP for video chatting. Enjoy watching slideshows and movies with excellent 10.1 inches of HD widescreen (16:10) display that flaunts the resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA.
anyone have the ipad2? Is it worth getting over the 1?

Amazingly the ipad2 is cheaper than the 1....As technology advances things should hopefully get cheaper and cheaper each day. Check this out:

Its a copy of the ipad (epad lol) and it runs off google android, has lesser HDD space (which can be upgraded) but does pretty much everything an ipad can do. Why buy an ipad when you can buy one of these babies ;D