Approaching Full Circle by Greg Babineaux

Approaching Full Circle by Greg Babineaux

Approaching Full Circle

Sacred tones

Sacred Shapes

Sacred Rhythms

Not from a book
But by your inhale
and exhale

Feet walk the earth.
Eyes drink the sky.
and the angel He sent
to your bedside
stands over you
as you write
Holy moment in time
the lines
Filled with
sacred rhyme
cells vibrate in
in-voluntary worship
because I am

He is worthy

Into you, into you
so..into you

Into you, into you
so..into you, so

see the lights
in the sky
the size
of your existence
scent of eternity
like a painting
always wet yet
always changing

how high the moon
our date coming soon

dross drops off
like candle wax
racks and stacks
of holy artifacts
cannot contain
the dream still remains
I look up thru the rain
view cannot be framed
or stained

holy habitation
perpetual regeneration

into you
into you
in- to- you

sun set down
on the sea saving
standing rain
staring intently
melts away all my pain
teardrops fall to join
the same
receding tide
hard times and trials
Yeshua is on my side
walking day and night
into His holy temple
holding my hands high
..and approaching full circle


dross drops off- yeah- alot of it from me!:) I enjoyed that thanks!
You know I did it...

Yeah..It came pretty quick,too. Like, almost the amount of time it takes to read it is how quick it came. Thanks for checkin' it out.