Appropriate Swimwear


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I Haven't gotten to the swim wear yet

I'm finding it extreemly difficult to find decent pants skirts, etc for a four year old girl. Ain't even got to the into the swim wear yet:(

My grand daughters range from 17 to 3 and I used to complain to their parents about the cloths they wore. But now living with two of my granddaughters and having custody of 4 year old I'm finding the probiblity of finding pants that won't slide down over their back side the first time they bend over is slim to none. :eek:
Almost every thing you can find the waist band is right on or just below the top of their hip bones.
Little Chloe is height to weight porportinate and yet less than half of the summer outfits out there would cover her belly button.

This practice today of dressing pre teen girls like little women is unacceptable in my book. And that most definatly applies to swim wear.

We are looking for swim suits this week end. And I seriously dred it. I don't care for that kind of exposure on a woman and won't allow it on my little girls.

I'd like to say this if I may.

I was raised in the church. I'm so glad I was too because the foundation was laid. We lived in church, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night. It's great to raise your kids in church, like I said, they all need the foundation of knowing the Lord and learning the commandments, etc. However, it can be too much. When my girlfriends and I turned 18, that was it. No more church. We felt we had had enough to last us a lifetime. Part of that was not being allowed to do anything with friends outside of the church.

I was spanked at the age of 14, in front of all of my friends, for going with friends to see "Gone With The Wind", because there was a curse word in it. I will never forget how mortified and humiliated I was in front of my friends.

I feel that you have to be very careful and pick your battles about what to be severely stict about. I had to wear the kinds of bathing suits that have been posted here. Not the one I posted, but the others. Two things happened. Either I didn't go swimming at all or if I was allowed to go with friends, I would borrow one of theirs and change immediately after my parents dropped me off.

It depends on the age of the teen, but if you're talking about a girl from the ages of 14-18, how they look, or should I say how they feel they look is of the utmost importance to them. I'm not saying let everything hang out. But to dress them in what I consider Mawmaw bathing suits is embarrassing to most of them.

I'm just posting this because I don't want what happened to my parents and to me to happen to anyone else. The strictness totally turned me away from the Lord. I think letting them wear a bathing suit that is in style, not mawmawish, but doesn't show everything God gave them, is not a big thing. I think you have to pick your battles with teens. Save the real strict stuff for things that can really hurt them. I let my granddaughters wear the kind of bathing suit I posted when they were in their teens and they are perfectly good, respectible young women today.

Again, it's totally your choice, but I'm telling you, if you are too strict when it comes to the little things, they can bolt, just like I did. There is a thing as too strict and usually rebellion follows. This is just my honest opnion and not intended to offend or hurt anyone's feelings.

When I looked again at the suit I had posted, I think you're right Granny that it is cut a little too high. Maybe something like this would be more appropriate.

I believe every child gets a little wild once their free of the parents. How far they run dependants as much on the child's nature as it does on their up bringing.

Any how. . . many of the bathing suits posted here are modest by todays standards and some would probably be dumped before the parents got out of the pool parking lot.
I don't care for the whole public pool teen scene any way. Too many young hormones, too little adult supervision to suit me. Family pools with parents on site until their late teens is the rule in our family.

Okay...some of you will think I'm crazy but what the Hey?!

There's a local water park that we frequent. Wild Waves. We like to go during the Youth Group weekedn called "Big Splash" it's affiliated with Youth for Christ.


a large # of girls at this event are inappropriatedly dressed by ANY standard. BUT there are a few that we take notice every time we go that wear...wet suits!

yes you heard me...Wet suits!

This was so cool to my little girl, that she started asking for one INSTEAD of a swim suit!

Online Scuba Gear - Neosport Women's 2mm Shorty Closeout

The link is a similar wet suit to my daughters.

The key here is that the families we see with the wet suits have EVERY member wearing them...and they look cool! They look like a surfing family.

My girls case...she wanted one for warmth...
Hey!! There ya go.
I really like the looks of those.

Very high tech and professional looking.

I like the looks of those "Tankies" too.

The two tankikies are cute but I don't think your daughters will want to be seen in one.
Oh but they still live here with me, so what they want isn't an issue. And as far as changing and thinking I won't find out about it, there is a tremendous advantage to them being the preachers daughters in a tiny community.
I can pretty much guarantee I would know about it before they even got home! :D

Any how. . . many of the bathing suits posted here are modest by todays standards and some would probably be dumped before the parents got out of the pool parking lot.
No swimming suit is as embarrassing as getting your behind "tanned" in front of all of your "grown up" friends at the poolside. ;)

I wouldn't be the first dad to show up at that pool and put a leather belt to good use. It usually happens once or twice at the beginning of Spring, the kiddo's wise up pretty quick after that. :bow:

You all have provided some wonderful options, I didn't even know about some of these, I think I can find a very wide selection for them from all of this info.

By the way GrannyG, I don't suppose you have any patterns from the suits you made do you?
This is a great topic for a lot of reasons but mainly because we need to be aware of what goes on in swimwear fashion -or shall I say what comes off --
This is so important no matter who we are - mother's, fathers, daughters, grandmothers -- because WE are the ones who teach modesty.
I have no doubt in my mind my daughter would LOVE to get her hands on something a bit more revealing. How can you erase the images from magazines, tv or being on the beach/pool when less is the style. It is difficult. However, by example and teaching the simplicity of modesty we can instill in our children --and those who watch our lives-- self confidence.

Our pastor is actually talking about "Fashion Police" and what we adorn ourselves with-- and not pertaining to "clothing" literally -- but more so of wearing the garment of Christ. When we have the garment of Christ on us, we "wear" Jesus and model Him before others. (We model what we say, wear and conversate about)

To me personally, and I am sure others share my feelings on this, that what WE wear in front of our girls and guys will teach them modesty or risque. If we also do not put limits and boundries with education (teaching them about the type of attention they will bring to themselves and what it can lead to) our son's and daughters on what they can and cannot wear, then we are not teaching them how our ultimate "designer" wants us to carry ourselves. :cool: