Archbishop faces Church split -

Aug 6, 2006
Archbishop faces Church split -

Archbishop faces Church split
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[SIZE=-1]By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent. The Archbishop of Canterbury arrived at a critical Anglican summit yesterday looking increasingly likely to back a "parallel" Church for conservatives, a move that will appal liberals.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]It is time for the Anglican Luthers to divorce [SIZE=-1]Times Online[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]fresh effort to stop Anglican split over gay clergy [SIZE=-1]Guardian Unlimited[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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I have never been for dividing the church but- not all who call themselves by the name christian are as is demonstarted by their fruit. We are not called to be judges but fruit inspectors.
God has placed a divine order for us as a guidline for living- I will never choose to follow anyone when that person is contradicting the plainly stated Word of God.This doesn't mean I hate them but instead I am commanded to pray for these lost souls.
And neither will I use it as an excuse to abandon His church- He paid much to high a price for her.
Apr 28, 2006
If I found out that our pastor is in a homosexual relationship my judging would be severe, and I could not continue to attend services, unless he repented from this unchristian lifestyle.
True. But I think if he would, he wouldn't able to be a pastor anymore.