are U worth 63people?

THE average total pay for chief executives in Australia’s top listed companies has hit $4.84 million — 63 times an average worker’s earnings.
The bosses of Australia’s top 100 companies listed on the stock market received 2.9 per cent more in total statutory pay in the 2013 financial year than in the previous 12 months.

Thirteen payouts in 2008 to top 100 CEOs totalled $83 million. in Australia,
In 2013, there were nine CEO payouts totalling $12 million.

Honestly, is any one person worth 63 other people,
if I employed 63 people couldn't they do the same job. Maybe they couldn't?
and some of these so called top of their game professionals if they FAIL
still get a million dollar handshake even if they have only been there a year. incredible.