Are we saved

Are we saved

Are we saved by the works of the law or are4 we saved by the hearing of faith. How does faith come Romans 10:17. If we show partiality God say that we have transgressed and if we break one commandment we are guilty of breaking them all. Mercy triumphs over judgement wich person is willing to be judge jury and executioner the bible clearly warns that if we have shown no mercy we wont find mercy on the day of judgement.When prodigal returned home The Father saw him a long way of and ran and hugged and kissed him.Big brother wqas angry that his brother was being treated like a son he was from the begining he just lost his way learned the hard way.Big brother is still very angry take it easy bro he He loves us all.Even us not so perfect ones.
Right on, we are the sick and the sinners that he came to heal and save. Any righteousness other than what Christ clothes us in is but filthy rags to take off. He said to repent, turning away from our sins and to Christ for forgiveness, and to believe the good news. The licensious 'pervert freedom as a cloak for sin,' and the legalists need to remember the thief on the cross who believed and was saved. Faith is not by works, but is evedienced by works. We are not to judge (condemn) those outside of the church, but we are to judge (discern) and remove those calling themselves believers from the church if they live an unrepentant life.

But now I am writing to you to stop associating with any so-called brother if he is sexually immoral, greedy, an idolater, a slanderer, a drunk, or a robber. You must even stop eating with someone like that. 1 corinthians 5:11

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 1 corinthians 5:12
Amen brother God sees all our hearts.My question is this temptatioon is not sin giving in ti temptation is the bible is Gods word .We are called to live according to the truith of the scriptitures.They alone are to be our gude as Holy Spirit leads believers in the way the truth and the life.In Christ Jesus there is no sin i want to abide in Him.And thats the only place i want to going through a season i realy dont understand and cannot explain.Whe i try to explain i just keep getting condemnation from the ones i love and hold dear to my heart fellow believers.I would never ever tell any one to liove in sin.If you would just take the time to raed the posts im placing you would soon realize where my heart is and what im passionate about.James 4:7 Ill stand for tghe truth of Gods word regardless of how much those who are convicted by the word of God insult,wrongfully accuse and condemn me.Please take the time to read the posts carefully.Not the ones that i dispalyed folly in the teachings of great men of God who heard from heaven and obeyed the leading of Gods Spirit.We are called to speak the truth in love truth on its own would lay us all bear with out much hope but truth empowered by Gods preciouys Spirit of Grace brings life it tears down every false way and work of the flesh and the devil.And by Gods word through His empowering Spirit it buids the kingdom of God in the hearts and lives of Gods dear children whom He purchased back with the precious Blood of His own DEar Beloved Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Him alone will i serve in Him there is no sin no condemnation.He is the hope of Glory and my hope is in Him and Him alone.I may be missunderstood at times that is not my intention i reale desire to see Gods dear peopel Rise up and be the force that God has called them to be.Ive never condoned sinfull lifestyle and never will at the same time realizing without Him im nothing but lost.I believe and know in my heart that God is working in my life and not only showing me wonderfull truths from His word but also confirming His written word that he is giving me.I feel sorry for Paul what amighty man of God but in his day most beilevers seemed very willing to listen to lies that were formulated against him by false apostles and decietfull workers.But the truth that he was taught by God himself truly do and will speak forever.Let him who glories glory in the Lord,If i share the word of God why does any person try to condemn its Gods word His truth.Unless it is written in the word of God i wont recieve any persons personal revelation without testing it against the scriptures after all we are all commanded to test all things that are claimed to be prophetic hold on to what is good.Lord Jesus You see my heart my life and all tghat is going on around me.I cast my cares upon You Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus precious and Mighty Name.If some feel they have a rebuke for me im very willing to hear you out.But please this is all i ask dont beat around the bush come right out and say it and stop the whisperings and hidden double messages.I dont do that to any one hear so why treat me this way.I can sense in my heart the schism im a believer to.Im not going to be ignornt of the devils devices any more Abba Father i submit my life to You alone in Jesus Mighty NAme i resist the devil and i draw near to you Abba Father and i thank You rthat the devil must flee in Jesus mighty NAme.True Freedom is only found in Christ Jesus alone there is no other way He is the Way the Truth and The Life Dear Lord Jesus i take up my cross deny myself acknowledg and thank you that You came into the world to save sinners of whom im chief.And ill ever only Follow You Dear Lord Jesus .Be with me Jesu abide with me and strengthen me in the Power of Your Might.