Are you in the Word?

Are you in the Word?

[FONT=Georgia, serif]Jos 23:16[/FONT][FONT=Georgia, serif] When ye transgress the covenant of Jehovah your God, which he commanded you, and go and serve other gods, and bow down yourselves to them; then will the anger of Jehovah be kindled against you, and ye shall perish quickly from off the good land which he hath given unto you. [/FONT]

There are elements of modern Christianity that are frightening. In the sixteenth verse of Joshua 23 Joshua is warning the people of Israel that if they are not faithful, there is a price that God will extract from them. Israel had received orders from God to clear the land of every trace of the peoples that had been inhabiting the lands God had given to them, that they would not be enticed to forget their God, Jehovah, and in doing so to go astray.
As Joshua prepared for his demise, he worried about his charges and their potential to go astray. Under his command he had seen the people do foolish things and he, himself, was also guilty of not being faithful to query God before making a decision. It was because of Joshua's failure to ask God before he made a decision that Israel made a treaty with their first slaves, he was deceived by them for no greater reason than he did not go to God first. (Jos. 9) And Achan (in chapter 7) had caused the children of Israel to fail at Ai because of his personal greed and he when from God. By the time of Joshua's death, he was wise and because of the wisdom gained by trial he left his admonishment to be faithful.
Today there are many teachers that are teaching a “New Testament” Christianity that is isolated from the God of the Old Testament. This teaching is struck down in the first few verses of John 1 because Jesus, the Son of God is not only the creator of everything we see and do not see, He “is” the God of the Old testament and the New. God did not change between the testament periods and He has not changed today. In the scripture I referenced from Joshua, there is a cost for abandoning God and there is a penalty for that sin, to this very day.
Like Pastor Joe I am very much a once saved forever saved. However just as a man can fall on a ship and break his leg without drowning, a Christian can fall into sin and do serious damage to his witness for God. Just as Joshua cautioned the children of Israel to be faithful, I am constantly reminded by my reading of scripture to not go off on a tangent without first praying to God and receiving His guidance. With a careful reading of this paragraph it looks very much like I'm saying that I never make this error and I am not guilty of this sin. You may rest assured that this is not true and I have and may in the future need to repent of this evil.
Christians are a strange lot of people because no two of them are the same. Every Born Again Christian will be firmly rooted in certain truths. These truths a so simple that as Jesus put it in Mark 10:15, even a small child can enter into Heaven because he or she has believed with childlike faith. It is these essentials that we must learn to unite around and when we do the world will no longer be the powerful influence that it is on the Church. We must learn to remember the basics of our faith, cling to them and stop running off down briar infested rabbit trails that cause so much division today.
Right off the bat, NO! We are not to unite with the Muslim, the Buddhist nor any other of the false religions. They have believed a lie and we are warned in the Book of Joshua to avoid fellowshipping with these false believers.
Now, please, this is for Bible study and since this will be posted on several web sites as well as go out in my mail list, let's study and not fight to win some obscure point, ok?


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i think we will in the end times stick together.and realise the good we had before the bad takes over,for a little while.