Ever sense I wrote my book called SUICIDE SPIRIT,I have been really busy with e mails coming in from all over the world.People we need to arise and let not just the world know that Jesus Christ loves them but we need to share this with others christians as well.Many christians dont want to think about this but christians world wide are taking their lives.Just 2 weeks ago a young man going to a christian school took his life because he got a c+ instead of a B.Why are we putting such greatness on the the things of this world above the love of God.Than I just got a report another young 12 year old girl took her life because she felt she wasnt pretty.We need to arise out of our sleep and realize all walks of life saved and unsaved are taking their lives at an incredible rate.Please start praying for every one you know by name and just ask God to bless them with the knowledge that he does care and he does love them.Suicide used to be just bad during the holidays but last summer it was at an all time high and it just keeps getting worse.So please let people know that Jesus Christ is there for them.