Art on dirty cars!

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Amazing! The one with the 3 Fords is incredible, it looks like they're each showing a different reflection of the landscape behind them.

And some of them really look like there's someone inside the car. :D When it's dark you could really fool someone.
Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
I sometimes see kids writing on cars: Wash Me!

Hey, if you don't like it wash it yourself, my momma always said.

These are KEWL!!!! Some people are so talented it just tickles me. I wonder if there's a way to preserve the artwork? Or will it always wash away with the next rain?:(

I don't know...kind of makes it more beautiful when you realize that it's only temporary.:)
Jul 15, 2007
Hudson, FL
Or will it always wash away with the next rain?:(
That's the way my car usually gets washed--during the rainy season anyway. It rains so much this time of year that my car stays relatively clean. The rest of the year I take it to a car wash. I also live on a dirt road.

That art is too good to want to wash it off. Too bad there isn't some way to preserve it--other than by a photo.