Art on dirty cars!

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Amazing! The one with the 3 Fords is incredible, it looks like they're each showing a different reflection of the landscape behind them.

And some of them really look like there's someone inside the car. :D When it's dark you could really fool someone.
I sometimes see kids writing on cars: Wash Me!

Hey, if you don't like it wash it yourself, my momma always said.

These are KEWL!!!! Some people are so talented it just tickles me. I wonder if there's a way to preserve the artwork? Or will it always wash away with the next rain?:(

I don't know...kind of makes it more beautiful when you realize that it's only temporary.:)
Awesome, my car is dirty, come on over.

Do you know how to double the value of your car quickly?

Fill up the gas tank. LOL
Or will it always wash away with the next rain?:(

That's the way my car usually gets washed--during the rainy season anyway. It rains so much this time of year that my car stays relatively clean. The rest of the year I take it to a car wash. I also live on a dirt road.

That art is too good to want to wash it off. Too bad there isn't some way to preserve it--other than by a photo.