As the Sun Rises

As the Sun Rises


I woke up early this morning
Through the clouds I could see
The sun barely peaking
Looking at me

I sat on the couch
With that cup of coffee
Reflecting on my life
Wondering now where
It is going to lead me

Where is the mystery of life
Going to go
Is this man I am getting to know
Going to steal my heart
Am I being given a brand new start?

How exciting it is
How exhilarating
It can be
Finding out about him and me

As the sun provides
Light and warmth
So do his words
The words that are spoken

The sun may shine all day
Or the clouds may hide it
Just as getting to know him
There are parts that are now shown
With the rest to come
With each moment we take
To get to know
Will we watch the sun rise together
And be able to share life?

This universe of ours holds so much
Many mysteries to be shown
With each new sunrise and
Who knows where the mystery may lead

Looking out that window
I can see
I am looking forward
To the unraveling of the mystery

So sun keep on shining
Shine down bright
Let me continue to see the light

Let the pages be turned
Not knowing what will come
How exciting it can be
Wondering in the end what it will be

December 1, 2005

You know this was written back then upon being in a relationship, but really today when I read it.. I look at my life with the Lord.. starting each day with him.
Have a great one!