My brothers and sisters you should be very happy when you experience many kinds of troubles, because you know that the testing of your faith will develope more endurance, Endure, so that your actions will be truly complete, then you will be mature, you will have everything; you will need nothing. BUT! if any one of you does need wisdom just ASK GOD.
It will be given to you, God is the One who gives freely to all people, and he does this without complaining, so, when you ask God, ask with confidence, without doubting, because the person who doubts God is as unstable as a wave of the sea during a storm.
A person who wavers about like this must not think that his prayer will be honored by the Lord, his heart is divided into two parts, and no one can depend on anything he does.

Let the brother who is poor feel good that God lifted him up and the rich brother should feel good that God lowered him, for man is like the flower of the field- here for only a short time, the sun rises and gets hotter and hotter, as it burns the grass, its flowers dry up, the sun's heat destroys their beauty, they die, it is the same with a rich man, even when business is good, he may die and be worth nothing.
Therefore, happy is the man who, though tested, endures, when he endures tests, God will give him the reward of eternal life which God has promised to those who love him.
When someone is being tested, he shouldn't think that God is tempting him to do wrong, evil can not tempt God and God does not tempt anyone with evil, when someone desires things which he knows are wrong, he is tempting himself, his selfish desire pulls him away from God and holds him, after that desire has been conceived, it produces sin, then sin grows and results in death, make no mistake about it, this is true.
Every good and perfect gift comes down to us from God, the Source of truth, The Father of Lights is always consistent and changeless. God decieded to give us life again through the message of His truth, so that we may be the first-fruits of His creation.
So, you should know this; every person should be more willing to listen than to speak, be slow to get angry, a man's anger doesn't show God's goodness, remove every evil and overpowering evil influence from your life, and, humbly accept God's message which has been planted in you, it is able to save your souls.
Do what God's message says; don't just listen and do nothing, when you merely sit and listen to the message, you are only fooling yourselves, suppose a person hears the message of God and does nothing, this is like a man who gazes at his face in the mirror, he "sees" himself for a moment, but when he walks away he forgot what he looks like. but the person who looks closely into the law ( the perfect law of freedom) and holds onto it, is not like the one who hears it and forgets about it, he is the one who really practices the law, he finds happiness in doing it.
If any of you thinks he serves God, but does not control what he says, then he fools his own heart, his "service" to God is worth nothing.
What God the Father accepts as pure unpolluted service are things like this;
Take care of children who have no parents.
Help widows in trouble.
Keep your self pure from the filth of the world.

this came from James chap.1.