Hey Guys.

I would like to start doing a little "Music Charts" thingy say once a week / fortnightly ?

Some examples: Obviously these will ALL be Christian tunes.

Top 10 Worship Music,
Top 10 Rock Tunes,
Top 10 Pop Tunes,
Top 10 Intimate Worship Tunes ( I have some great ones! )
Top 10 Hip/Hop tunes,

And So on.

If anyone has any objections, Let me know, Because I would really love to do this.

And If you agree with it, Then by all means, PM me some suggestions.

Of course, Mods, if you don't approve of this, Simply Delete this thread.

Do U mean God-tube or U-tube thingy?

Not exactly.
I would like to just select 10 different tracks, weather it is Worship, Rock, Hip Hop ect, and those tracks would be selected by either myself and others, (if you would like to get involved) Just PM me suggestions.

Obviously it wouldn't be just a name of a song, I would make sure you could hear it also, So it could / would contain a link to either youtube or Godtube.