Auto log out time extended


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Auto log out time extended

Users were getting logged off automatically after 15 mins. This could be disappointing when the member types in a long message and posts it to find out hes logged off the system. I've changed the settings to keep users logged in for 30 mins and I hope this won't happen in future.

Let me know of any such incidents.
It could be done, but the users will be shown as 'online' for longer time if they dont log out and hence showing incorrect statistics at the bottom of the forum.

To stay for longer time, keep the 'Remember me' box checked. If you still want the time span extended, I can do that. Thanks for the encouragement, mustardseed. :cool03:
I had to extend the time span to one hour because of more member requests. Yup that means, you will be logged in for 60 minutes unless you log out manually. :)
Thank you, Jeff - as someone with significant vision issues, I appreciate that extra flexibility. I believe that participation here may increase because of a longer time span. Members will not feel rushed and may be able to spend more time in deep thought before posting.