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in revelation Jesus mentions the doctrine of baal,this must be wide spread in the last days,so has anybody an idea of what it is,numbers,words,letters,etc.?
Evil spirit.
A guy did a teaching on it a while back.
I would have to dig up my stuff to find it. Gotta go to Church now. :D


People who worship Baal don't think they are worshiping a false god. They think they are worshiping the true God of the Bible.
Jesus said that many would come in His name and decieve many.
They call themselves christian, and believe that they are.


Like Jesus said MANY will in His name and decieve MANY! Just because people think they are true christians does not mean they are.
They really think they are telling God's truth.
All I could find so far is the prayer to break the ties to the Baal spirit.
If you read through this, you might get the just of how people worshiped Baal.
If you think this iniquity may be in your family line, it’s a good prayer to pray.

Prayer to Break Ties to the Baal Spirit
2 Chronicles 7:14

Father I come to You in the Name of Jesus to repent on behalf of myself and my whole family. I repent for our pride and rebellion, for being stiff necked and for not listening to or obeying Your laws. I repent for all illegitimate or forbidden marriages and for being married to or covenanted to Baal.

Father God, please break all ownership, rule, or any mastery over me or my family and cut all ties, alliances or marriage to the Baal spirit. I repent for our idolatry in building any altars or Asherah poles, for offering worship, burning incense, bringing offerings and sacrifices. I repent for all offerings to Baal in exchange for prosperity, wealth or fertility. I renounce all oaths and vows made to Baal and I break all dedications of any of our children to Baal. I repent for innocent blood shed, abortions and any sacrifice of children.

I repent for homosexuality, lesbianism and for those that were Sodomites. I repent for all participation in sexual rites and rituals, all orgies and any revelry preformed before Baal and his demons. Will You please restore my sexuality to being an act of worship to You and make me holy as You are Holy. Lord, will You restore my family’s innocence and our sexual purity.

I repent on behalf of my entire family for the evil abominations we did in Your sight and for turning to another power, the devil. I repent for all use of occult power, all witchcraft, using mediums, spiritists, soothsayers, the use of magic and potions; for worshiping and consulting the sun, moon, or stars or the heavenly hosts. I repent for all worship of the sun, moon and stars as well as the earth, wind, fire and water.

I repent for provoking You to jealous, burning anger. I acknowledge Your wrath and afflictions upon my family and recognize those afflictions have brought me back to You. Thank You for Your discipline and Your never-ending, unconditional love for us. Lord on behalf of my whole family I choose to reestablish the everlasting covenant and I proclaim today “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

I pledge I will crush all false altars to dust, cut down any poles in my heart and burn them. I will build an altar to You upon that spot. Show me how to give pure worship and praise to You and how to be a living sacrifice for Your glory.

Please, Lord, cleanse my family line with clean water to remove our impurities and our idols. Please remove our heart of stone and give us a new heart of flesh and a new spirit as You promised. Please put Your heart in us to move us to follow and obey Your decrees, laws and leadings. Please restore our lands and inheritance, be our God and once again make us Your people. Would You now break all curses of wrath on us, especially famine, the plague, the sword or of any wild beast against us and please restore increase, plenty and exceeding abundance to us.

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I submit myself and my entire family and all areas of our lives to Your Lordship. Please teach me how and what to give back to You as an offering. Let me give joyfully and willingly to Your Kingdom for Your glory.
In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth I command all demonic attachments and any familiar spirits to loose themselves and leave my bloodline. I cover all my family and these iniquities that You have forgiven in the Blood of Jesus.

Thank You for your forgiveness, cleansing and love.
In Jesus name, amen.


From Albert Barnes notes on the bible:
To Baal - The word “Baal” in Hebrew means Lord, or Master. This was the name of an idol of the Phenicians and Canaanites, and was worshipped also by the Assyrians and Babylonians under the name of Bel; (compare the Book of Bel in the Apocrypha.) This god was represented under the image of a bull, or a calf; the one denoting the Sun, the other the Moon. The prevalent worship in the time of Elijah was that of this idol.

From Adam Clarke's Commentaries on the bible:
Who have not bowed the knee - Baal was the god of Jezebel; or, in other words, his worship was then the worship of the state; but there were several thousands of pious Israelites who had not acknowledged this idol, and did not partake in the idolatrous worship.