Back From Sabbatical


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Feb 15, 2010
Daly City, California
Hello brothers and sisters;

I'm nearing the end of my 3 month sabbatical. It has been a much needed rest and want to thank my CFS family for your prayers while my time away. I embraced God's answers to your prayers for rest and fun without any CHURCH WORK.

I serve as lead pastor of our church in Daly City, CA. Problem is I hadn't taken any physical time off from work for 9 years! During my rest I had my annual physical and received a clean bill of health. My doctor said my stress level was down which helps lower my Diabetic A1c (sugar level).

This was a tough lesson to learn for me and am grateful for God's compassion and discipline.

Time off for rest is Biblical. There are many teachings in the Old and New Testaments about rest that applies to ALL OF US. I feel that we all can attain time management to plan those days each year for complete rest and just having fun. The work will be there when you get back, but for the time being, our bodies need to get refreshed with new thoughts, a renewed heart and Spirit enabling us to be more effective servants for Christ.

I want to say hello to our new members! I was happy to learn 28 new members have signed up since June 29th and am blessed to read most of their new topics in the Doctrinal, Fellowship, Prayers, Praise Testimonies, Bible Study, Evangelism and the rest of the forums.

Thank you, Pastor Major and Pastor Exonomia for your prayers and encouragement from your postings.

Congratulations, Via dolarossa, for serving as our new Moderator.

I'm also very thankful to the Lord for uplifting Pastor Gary and the entire CFS Staff for doing a wonderful ministry to the Lord during the summer.

I truly missed you all and will enjoy
reading and learning from the new posts with healthy fellowship, one to another.

Thank you, Jesus, for embracing Christian Forum Site and the new directions you are leading us.

God bless you all and your families.