Back To School

Back To School

Can you beleive it? It is time for the kids to head back to school, or begin schooling.

Some parents love when the kids head off to school or when the routines of homeschooling begins.

How about you? Do you like summer time or school time better?
I know about your summer break in America, but it is always strange to me! Our schools start in January, and we have 4 breaks. One longer one in June, and then at the end of the year for about 5 - 6 weeks. Then it is summer by us ... YayHow long is your summer break in America?
Our kids last day of school was June 4th (which is REALLY late for us but we had a lot of snow days). They start back to school August 21st. Typically they are done somewhere around the 20th of May so they get almost 3 full months off.

As for the kids - they of course prefer summer break! Swimming, playing with friends, sleeping in, camp, etc.

As for me - GIVE ME SCHOOL! My kids do much better when they are busy with school and when they are in a routine. Plus the house stays clean during the day. :D

I do like just having to get myself up in the mornings though. I think summer break works out just about right. At first I'm all excited because I get to sleep later too and there's no morning rush. About the time the kids start driving me crazy at home, it's time to head back.
That's a loooong break! Nice! My son with love that - he will ask us to move to america!
Here in Michigan School can't start until after Labor day. My kids start on Sept. 7 and get out the Fri before Memorial day. (Last monday in May) But they have long days. Personally Sept 7th can't get here fast enough!!
LOL Sky! :)

We have that law here in Iowa too but a school district can file for an exemption and it seems like EVERY district does. I don't know of any that start AFTER Labor Day (at least around us).

What hours do your kids go to school? Mine go from 8:25-3:25. Bus picks them up around 8 and they are home around 4, so not too terribly bad all the way around.
They start at 7:55 and end at 3:25 so I guess it isn't so long after all. lol But I don't know of any school in MI that starts before Labor day. I like it that way cause it seems pointless to have a couple full days and a half day then a three day weekend.
The problem we run into is it's so hot that they wind up letting the kids out early. It seems like we always start before Labor Day but it's AFTER Labor Day that we actually get full days in. Pointless if you ask me!

We just registered kids last supplies are all bought...we are READY! YAY!! (Can you tell Mom is ready for the kids to go back?)
I can't wait for school to start cause it means I get to go back to work and mingle with some adults. I got all my son's school supplies but my daughter is still waiting for her turn to shop. She seems to think she is getting a phone. :rolleyes:
We're going through that SAME discussion right now! How old is your daughter? Mine is 12 and seems to think she "needs one for sports." My husband said "what sport do you play with a cell phone?" He got the typical "DADDDDDDDDDD!" response.
LOL that is funny tho!! She is 11 and seems to just think she needs one.:rolleyes: I am going to get her a trac phone. I will buy her 100 min a month and once their gone their gone. She is also trying to convince me to let her take her Ipod to school. I'm praying for patience since ppl keep assuring me it will only get worse from here.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
We let Emily take her MP3 player to school last year and she did OK with it. We have told her that if she loses it, tough luck!

That's funny because we are thinking about getting her a MegaTalk phone (same concept as a Tracfone except it's unlimited minutes for a monthly fee - no contract though). We were going to get her a phone under our plan but started looking at how much she is actually on the phone at home and decided she would most likely run us WELL over our minutes!
I work with a lady whos daughter racked up a 1,700 doller phone bill with text messages. She'd be with Jesus if she was my kid!!
Your school is longer than ours. Ours begin 7:45 and end 14:00. So i guess it makes up for our shorter holidays!
$1700!!! WOW!!!

Wow Sky - my kids would like that! I sometimes wish our school started later in the day and ran later. Like from 9-4 or 10-5 even.
As the principal of a school I can tell you that MP3 players and cell phones are headaches! We do allow them to be "present" but not to be used during school. If a cell phone goes off during school the parent has to pick up the phone from my office. If the MP3 player showes up the same thing happens. Parents can pick it up in the office.

Each of my 4 children have gotten a cell phone when they get their drivers license. They do have MP3 players and may bring them to school, but only for bus rides and for their "wait" after sports until we come to get them.

In my experience, the 11 or 12 year old "needs" have been around forever. Remember the "needs" of kids 15 or 20 years ago insisting they should have to wear $125 sneakers? Before that kids "needed" their own phone line or sterio systems, etc.

I would be careful with feeling you have to give in. Remember, sooner or later you will have to make choices and say "no!" If not your child will grow up with an "entitlement" attitude that will be very hard to deal with later on.

Sky, typically here in America we have 180 school days. How many do you have?
We are dealing with that whole sense of entitlement thing RIGHT now and it's not fun at ALL!

MP3 player is for the bus. At our school, cell phones are supposed to be turned into the office in the morning and picked up after school but I don't think it happens like it should. I can see where you are coming from!
Shan, is your sport and other activities included in the hours? Must be , hey? But ours is after school.

Mark, we have 197 school days.
We home school.
I'll start the new year next week. (Monday)

We run 4 weeks of school, then 2 weeks off.
In the end they have the same amount of hours as the government school system, we just see less "burn out" this way.

Also, they can begin anytime they want each day, and they are finished, when they are finished.

Most mornings, we get started around 8:30 AM and finish around 2:00. Then they have all day to do whatever.

If one goofs around till dinner time, Oh Well. Guess you missed your chance to play outside.
Shan, is your sport and other activities included in the hours? Must be , hey? But ours is after school.

Mark, we have 197 school days.

Sports and extra-curricular activities are outside of that. Practices usually start around 3:40 and end around 5:45. The only things included during the day are group band and choir. Jazz band, pep band, pit band, etc are considered extra-curricular.

So if a kiddo is out for sports, they do 7 hours of classroom, then 2 hours of practice! Emily also has volleyball, piano and guitar lessons and this fall will start confirmation classes. Hunter will start flag football this fall. Our school district reserves Wednesday night as "Church Night". Practices must be over by 5:30 and there can be NO homework given. That way kids can go to religion classes/meetings and not have to worry about homework.

It makes for VERY busy kids. And our kids are some of the least scheduled! Emily has friends that are busy every single day of the week! Em will have practices Mon-Fri, confirmation Wed and music lessons Tuesdays. Ugh!