Backyard Ideas


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I recently moved into my new house in late 2016. I am ready to redo all the landscaping in the front yard and backyard.
Does anyone have any ideas for redoing the backyard? I want it to be super relaxing and cozy. My backyard is not that big, it's pretty much all swimming pool and cement / flagstone decking. I have one patch of grass for my Yorkies to use the restroom on. lol
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lol don't ask me for ideas as I probably have a million and one things you could do - but it's your backyard so they probably won't be all that practical.

Relaxing - well think of chairs/loungers by the pool or hammocks
Cozy - you want some sort of screen/trellis and plants for privacy/enclosure and also for your dogs so they don't attack the neighbours chickens.

If you only have a patch of grass and nowhere to plant think about planter boxes and pots.