Be a good Shepherd

Be a good Shepherd

I was reading Aesop's Fables a while ago and then thought of the parables Jesus taught us when He was here. I haven't posted a thought in a while so I thought I might as well here.



There was once a large herd of sheep in the hills at the border of a large mountain range. This mountain range was full of beasts of every kind who liked to feast on the sheep - lions, tigers, bears, and especially the wolf.

The shepherd kept the sheep from being eaten, and made sure the sheep were safe. He lived alone in a wood cottage in the hills with his sheep and tended to them every morning till evening, in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sun.

One day the shepherd had to go down to the village to get more wood for his cottage for a fire. He left a fellow shepherd in charge of his sheep and left the next day.

However, this shepherd was not as good as the other. He was careless, lazy, and not a good watcher. In the afternoon he stopped the sheep to graze in a heavily wooded area where a pack of wolves roamed, sitting down on a comfy spot of grass to eat his lunch.

Now, the substitute shepherd went to sleep, and the sheep continued to graze and doze. The hours and went by and soon night began to fall. A wolf howled. The haunting melody rang out in the woods and across the mountains. Another joined in, and it was soon a mournful yet beautiful chorus.

The sheep became scared as the wolves came closer. The wolves were hungry and knew that the careless shepherd had left his sheep unattended. As they came closer and closer the sheep cried for the shepherd, but he continued to sleep on.

However, the sheep's terrified cries reached the LORD. He looked down and saw the wolves closing in on the poor, helpless sheep and looked for the careless shepherd. He also saw the other shepherd coming up the hillside with a staff and his hound.

The hound and the herder scared the wolves away, and the careless shepherd awoke when he saw the other herder.

"What happened?" he asked, still drowsy.
"Why, my sheep were going to be eaten by wolves if I hadn't come here." The other herder replied.
"I apologize, my friend! I fell asleep."
"That is all right. But, you must be careful next time. Because one day a wolf might come knocking on your front door, dressed as a lost sheep! You let him in, and he'll ravage your home and your sheep and leave you for dead!"


So what lesson can we learn from "The Careless Sheep Herder"?

- The sheep symbolize God's people, our treasures like our spirit and our faith. We must protect them because they are very precious things and should not be forgotten! But we are also God's sheep, and He is the

- The careless shepherd symbolizes people when they forget to watch over their treasures. Do not show your pearls to swine, for they will destroy and devour them.

- The wolves symbolize our adversaries, spirits in high places. They come when you least expect it and they don't just come in ones but twos, threes, fours, and fives - even more.

- The true Shepherd symbolize Jesus Christ, the Messiah. We are His sheep and when we cry out to God He hears our cries. The shepherd always come back to his sheep and so will Jesus when you ask. Continue to knock and the door will be opened.

- What did the Shepherd mean when he said,
But, you must be careful next time. Because one day a wolf might come knocking on your front door, dressed as a lost sheep! You let him in, and he'll ravage your home and your sheep and leave you for dead!"
Test the spirits! Don't just open the door for everything and everyone. We do not fight flesh and blood, but spirits in high places, deceptive, cunning, intelligent beings who, with the slightest chance, will destroy your home like a thief and take what is most important to you - your faith and trust in the Heavenly Father.


I will write more in the future so please stay put. :)





NGT .... It has been a long time . I thank you for that . What a wonderful lesson .

So when satan comes knocking at our door we say " Jesus will you get that for me "



That reminds of another sheep story. If a good Sheppard had a sheep that would wander off from the heard he would break it's legs. The whole time it was healing he would carry it everywhere he went, feeding, watering and tending that sheep. By the time the sheep was healthy again it had grown totally dependent on the Sheppard and would follow him where ever he went, never straying fro the herd again.