Be not weary


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Be not weary

How many times have we petitioned God for an answer to a specific issue in our lives and no answer was given. Sometimes, I feel God must be angry with me or may be he is just not interested in me. It get too confusing when you don’t get your requests done immediately.

One of the greatest problems held by most if not all is the lack of patience. The scripture says in James 1:4, “Let patience have her perfect works, that ye may be perfect and entire, wonting nothingâ€. Yes that right, we are not perfect and it is because of this reason too that God waits on our prayers. We should not interrupt the “perfect†plan God has for us.

Let’s keep asking God, disturb Him as much as you can. Will you get mad if your child disturbs you over silly things? Then do you think God who’s a billion times more compassionate will ever shut his ears to us?
Jesus Saves
God lends His ear..

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say thanks for this encouraging post about God's timing. We often forget that God's time is completely different from ours that we are accustomed to. So when we don't receive an answer from Him right away, we think that God doesn't care, or has just filed our request away for another time. This is not true, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Welcome Kate

Hello Kate, Welcome to CfS. Im happy that you are in and encouraged. I couldnt continue posting for sometime coz I had to move to Australia from India for my MBA.

Invite your friends too and keep posting. God Bless You.
There's nothing too difficult for Him
what is a MBA? Anyway, it might not just be patience that is required but that God might be helping you in a way you do not know. God is after all All-knowing. :-D