Been Away From Forums BUT not from Jesus

Been Away From Forums BUT not from Jesus

Hello all

I have kept my mouth closed for a long time now and have not posted on any forums. I have not closed off from Christ or the Holy Spirit though. i have been hard at the work of the Lord in my area I work.

Some may be wondering why I would walk away from forums ?
I just did not feel I could express myself as I do when I talk, you see writting is hard for me and reading just as hard, I often wonder why Jesus asked me to speak of these things when I did not know His written word or the ways of people.

I write only words I can spell and even then I get that wrong, to express what the Lord tells me is hard, its easy to speak it as the words just run out of my mouth, but to write it is painful.

I would write about the many great things the Lord tells me, but I felt I was not doing any justice to His words He gave me.

So I apoligise for my lacking in education to write and read.
You see when i talk to Jesus he just tells me I guess He tells me what others read. You could say Jesus is my living bible heard with my Spiritual ears. However Jesus did say to me, what he tells me has no translation that can be missused by people to suit their own ends, its a Spiritual word that has one and only one translation, His. Jesus said to me this is the truth that sets you free, all other truths place you in bondage.

I guess what I am trying to say, people see what I write and think I am an interlectual person, I am far from it, I am a drop out from school, I find it hard to write and read and even when I say to Jesus why me Lord, why did you pick me of all people that can write and read, why me. Jesus says this to me " I will shame the wise with you" How He does this is up to Him, but as for me, I will just do my best and get on in Him. Who am I to tell the Lord what he can do and can't do, who am I.

If the Lord chooses a donkey to speak, then that is fine with me. I have said to the Lord, I am sorry for not doing as He asked because I was afraid of what people would say of me, afraid of looking dumb when questioned because i don't know the stuff everyone else knows, I only know what He tells me. So I know I was wrong and I know the Lord will watch over me and will help me in all things, because i know He can do these things.

Anyhow i am glad to be back and i will do my best to write what He gives me, I will not argue with anyone or force on anyone what He gives me. I will just speak it and write it, nothing more. If that is OK with you guys.

I the Lord of Life's Love
T Man

it is nice to have you back here with us:)
Hi T Man, welcome back. I remember some of the things you had written ages ago ( back in February I think it was), and I keep hoping you'd write more.
I just wanted to say that the Lord gives each and every one of us different gifts and yours as you say is the gift of speaking and am glad to hear that and be blessed as not every one has that gift .

Mine seems to be the gift of writing and it seems the Holy Spirit gives me the words to write and I am amazed somtimes as I go back in my journals and read some of the messages that I have written and I say to myself that was not me writing .... It was the Holy Spirit.

Just want to say , bless you my brother and continue on the path that the Lod has led you . I am so happy you have found what God wants you to do .
I feel that I have the gift of writing, but not so much for speaking. I'm painfully shy, and the thought of stumbling over my words as I try to present them to others gives me a mild panic attack. It is true that the Lord has blessed each of us with different talents. It's not up to us which talents we receive, but it is up to us whether or not we use those talents.

Glad to see you back!