Behold, a door before you

The following was shown me the night before last about 3:30am. It was for me yet it's for you also. First He showed me the picture in my spirit then He gave the words.


"Behold I set before you an open door" He said. It was as if I could see an open door frame with no door in it. An arm I saw, with a flourish it swept toward the open door as if to welcome me through. "The open door is the rest of your life. The open door is this day. The open door is every new day. Step through and see what I have for you. I know that you know I have only good things on the other side of the door for you, for you know me and what I've promised and what I've done for you before. In times past you were rebellious and your rebellion had to be stopped. You must yield completely to the Spirit of God so that He can work through you. In you".

"Once you have yielded all things are possible. How hard would it be for a potter to work with a piece of clay that was squirming and dodging, not letting him shape it? Once you are finally still in my hands I can shape you, mold you into the best vessel imaginable. Relax in the hands of the Potter and let him fashion you. He will not drop you nor fail you. Once you are still it is evidence that you are finally trusting of the potter. Behold I have set before you this open door and only you can step through it. Be still and know that I am God, I am the Potter".

"God makes no man go through the door. It is a step of faith taken by a man or woman. Faith is moving, seeking, doing. There are and will be times of waiting but they are necessary. Resting the clay. Then times of doing, but God is always working in you. Much is being done in waiting times so don't despise them. God is as aware of you in the still times as in the busy moving, doing times. Trust in Him with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Wait on the Lord I say wait. He will not be late".