Being Blessed In Service

There have been many times our Father blessed me while I was doing something to help others. How about you?

For a few years, I worked as a youth pastor. I did this without fiduciary compensation. However, I was blessed each week as I prayed for a message to deliver to the youth. I learned a lot about God in that time. I miss the weekly pressure of really having to seek God.

The story I want to share is this one:

One week, I prayed for the message. I prayed at lunch and heard nothing. I prayed after work and the Holy Spirit told me to not prepare a message because one of the youth would be delivering the message that evening.

Well, I can tell you, it takes a little faith to show up to the youth group without something from the Lord!

However, I arrived and the youth assembled. I noticed one of the older youth standing near the entrance to the room, looking directly at me. "Do you have something to ask?" I asked him.

He told me the Holy Spirit gave him a word to "share" with the group and asked if he could do so. I said yes. For the next hour, I listened as he delivered a great message to the youth group.

It was one of the best moments as a youth pastor- to watch something I watered serve Jesus and feed the sheep! Awesome.

Do you have a story of being blessed while serving?