being controlled

I think control is the wrong word, though there is such a thing as demonic possession if the host is willing or does not have the faith in God to be protected. Controlling your mind would do very little good to Satan, since his goal is to get you to leave God and stray away. Control doesn't really accomplish that because that would be presumably against your free will.

Satan uses manipulation and lies to trick you into doing what he wants. It's a form of control, but it breaks down your free will, and causes you to CHOOSE to follow him or do bad things. It's the choice that matters.
i agree ,he can make a trap for you though through other people.iv,e had experience of this a few times,the important thing i realised it wasn,t the person who was leading me astray but the spirit of on guard at all times.
the 1 thing im scared of is if he uses good people to do his work.he could act as God,thats why some people scare me thinking they are doing good for God and in fact doing the opposite,if it involves money i am gonna try to stay away.
People are often influenced by many, many things. I doubt you could find a single aspect of our society that hasn't been infiltrated by satan's work. I'm sure the church itself is the biggest target. Know your enemy. We often think that we have to constantly defend against Satan, but we weren't only given armor and shields. We were given swords.
Wisdom is the application of knowledge. A sword in your closet is useless. Satan has many weapons, but can do little when attacked.