Being Fully Committed to the Lord Jesus Christ

Being Fully Committed to the Lord Jesus Christ

As you all know, I am really starting and trying to be fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. I found this Forum and it has been awesome!

Housesitter has really helped answer some questions for me as so many of you have. When I was checking out his profile, it led me to a link he had which led me to another link I checked.

Housesitter (Ray) has written a book called "Let's Get Serious", I do not know if any of you have read it. I ordered it. It arrived yesterday.
The book is his personal exploration of what it means to be fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He writes of how a fully committed life involves very area, physical, emotional , social and spiritual.

I loved the poem in regards to Thoughts:

If all the things you ever said
Were written in a book:
And all your thoughts were on display, So all could take a look:
I guess there's not a living soul, Who wouldn't hang his head:
And feel ashamed before the Lord
And wish that he were dead.
There is a record book I'm told
With every deed and word:
It even keeps the record of
Our thoughts that can't be heard
The good, the bad, and every sin
For nothing has been missed:
It really makes me feel ashamed,
To think what's on my list
(Author Unknown)

He then goes on to tell the good news is that we can allow God to take control of of our thought life.

I was just amazed at the sections on The Christian wife, The Christian Husband as a Leader, The Christian Husband as a Lover, and the Attitude of Worry.. As a matter of fact.. I loved the whole book! It is 135 pages .. I read the whole thing last night.. now I have to go back and read each chapter.. It has a spiritual checklist at the end.. You rate yourself. then you can go back in 6 months and see how you are doing and what progress you have made.

I sure wish I would have had this book way back when.. especially before I got married.

and I loved the G.I.G.O.. syndrome.. Garbage In. Garbage Out!

I just realized at work today, that the Lord sure is not pleased with my office.. so I spent from 4:30 until 11:15 pm.. cleaning it up.. there is like papers everywhere! after all this is God's office not mine.. and I must take care of it accordingly!

Thanks Ray for getting me on the right track to being fully committted to the Lord!

Is it ok to ask who the publisher is? I might go to my local bookstore and see if they can order it. Sounds like a wonderfully edifying book!
It does sound like a really good book. Maybe you can also link us to the page where you ordered it from. I don't know when I will have any money to purchase it with all the things I am going through right now, but when I do get the money, I would like to buy it.