belly dancing?

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belly dancing?

Hey everyone:),
Im new here and I have something thats been on my mind for a while now. I have been belly dancing for about 4 years and just this year I have become a Christian. I am just wondering what anyone thinks about this, if it is okay if I am still belly dancing as a Christian. Some people are telling me I should quit it because of our Christian beliefs but its hard because I love it so much.:( Please someone help me out, I need some advice about this. Thank you so much! Take care!
I'm not exactly sure what belly dancing is. But I do know that the Bible says we should do nothing that causes someone else to stumble.
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I looked on the net fer some answers and theres plenty of weekly classes takin' place in Christian Church meeting rooms all over the place. I guess if it is fer excercise like arobics and Pilates it's no big deal. If its fer exhibition for money, that might be a little over the top fer Christians from what I read.
I (personally) see nothing wrong with belly-dancing. I was actually interested in trying it, it is pretty good for working your midsection and such. :D

I think, before anyone says it's right or wrong, to look up belly-dancing. You can't make assumptions about things if you've never seen it, right?

Just a precaution.
I must confess, I have never seen this particular issue on a forum before. This should be an interesting thread.:)

By the way....welcome to CFS. I hope you find your time here profitable and enjoyable.
If you are belly dancing to make money, which will usually include revealing flesh and wearing sensual clothing, I see it as wrong.
I'm not going to say right or wrong, just that such things are of the flesh and there is danger in the flesh.
Belly dancing has it's origins in the pagan religians and senuality. Not exactly the best image of belief in Christ before the world.
We don't need more temptation in our lives and sentual movements by women in front of men is temptation.

But a lot has to do with purpose, motivation and situation. Ie for ones husband, in private. or for exercize with other women for motivation. Certianly a little wiggle room for that in the life of a Christian.
Use discernment.
Bottom line; Let your concsience(the Holy spirit) be your guide.

Sincerely His
belly dancing includes a lot of revealing of flesh. it seduces guys, etc..

the thing women need to be careful about is if they are seducing guys, then they should immediately stop. we should never cause anyone to sin, out of revenge, out of jealousy, willingly, etc..

I've seen many belly dancers as I'm Lebanese and we have them in our country and I just can't see a real praise worthy Christian or Jewish woman doing these things unless it's for her husband alone or in a woman-only belly dancing class.
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I will have to see what happens. It is a tough decision to make because I love dancing, but I can see how it is not suitable in the Christian life. Thank you for your comments and replies =)


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