Best Options for Outside Bulkhead Lighting

Outside bulkhead lighting is a unique form of nautical themed lighting that can transform your yard into a safe, illuminated night-time heaven. Bulk-head is commonly associated with ships, or airplanes. When it comes to lighting the exterior of your home, the word ‘bulk-head’ is one of the best outside lighting options to add character to your property.

The design of bulkhead lighting is meant to provide durable and ambient lighting that can withstands vandalism and dust. That is why it is most preferable in industrial or commercial buildings such as warehouses, and underground car parks. It is also a reliable solution for security lighting for your house, garage, or lighting up your garden for easy navigation. There are various types of outside bulkhead lightingsolutions currently available in the market. Among the best options to choose from include:

Standard Bulkhead- 23W:

The polycarbonate- made bulkhead provides a long lasting exterior lighting solution. It is pocket friendly, and can offer a breathtaking illumination of the entrance to your home, pathways on the garden, or the driveway. It is tough and both dust, and waterproof. It also has an easy and practicable installation.

LED Bulkheads

Most people will opt for this kind of outside lighting because they are longer lasting than most other outside lighting solutions. They have approximately 50,000 hour life, which is higher than for most other solutions. This long life ensures that there is no need for replacement or repairs. In addition, LED outdoor lighting solutions are coated with optic polycarbonate, which provides resistance to mechanical damage or shock related damage.

The LEDs are also preferred because of their energy saving functionality. It is a widely known fact in the industry that LEDs consume more than eight times less than the incandescent lamps.

In addition, the color rendering index (CRI) of the LED bulkheads is far much better than the CRI of other solutions, such as the mercury vapor lamps, which are mostly used to light the backyard areas.

If you live in an area that has uncontrollable power surges and unreliable power grids, then your best bet for optimum outdoor lighting is LED. This is because LED bulkheads have a driver that is specifically designed to operate on unstable grids. The LED bulkhead has a supply voltage range of about 155 to 270 volts. The driver also protects the bulkhead from short circuiting as a result of the power surges.

Standard CFL Bulkheads

One major benefit of using compact fluorescent lamps as outdoor bulkheads is that they have a Higher Color Rendering Index when compared to metal halide lamps, and high pressure sodium lamps. The CRI of the CFL bulkhead is 25% higher and 75% higher than that of the metal halide and sodium lamps respectively.

The CFL bulkheads have been manufactured to operate under multiple voltages. They can perform within the ranges of 122 to 277 volts as well as between 50 and 60 hertz.

Another obvious advantage of the CFL bulkheads is that they are slightly less expensive as compared to other outdoor lighting solutions. This is especially the case when making a comparison between the CFL bulkheads and HID lamps.

In addition to its price advantage, it is also considered an energy saving alternative to most metal halide, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lamps.

Bulkheads with PIR

This is the best option for the people, who have their security as their top priority. The biggest advantage of the bulkheads that have the passive infrared sensor functionality is obviously high security. The PIR motion sensor is often used in an automatically activated outdoor bulkhead. The outdoor lighting system is then capable of picking up on movements in its range. This way you will be alerted, if there is an intruder looming outside your house and you can take the appropriate measures.

Most outside bulkhead lighting solutions are constructed with a robust polycarbonate material, and they come with a polycarbonate diffuser. This feature makes them durable and resistant to dust, water, shuttering, and vandalism, hence more reliable for outside lighting.

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