Best things about Jesus



Um nooo
I'm just posting what *I* like best about Jesus. He may have a different area that you like BEST. Cos we are all different people and respond to him in our unique ways.

!! and what do YOU mean by good? elaborate...
I mean, yea, I'm get told I'm a good woman, girl, friend..but why. What's so good about me? I don't think I'm that special...why is Jesus your best friend. Cos he's good? Anyone can say that. Maybe he saved your life..but how?
It was a rhetorical question...the statement was basically trying to say that I cannot find any negative points simply because there isn't any.
Jesus is awesome and that is a simple truth.
Yes..can you tell me why Jesus is awesome. Come on, dont be a surfer dude and cop out of this by saying Jesus is like totally awesome dude. He walked on water without a surfboard! Or maybe thats what you mean lol.

I didnt ask for any negative things.


It isn't hard at all. There is nothing BEST about Jesus, because He is superlative in all.
That was what I was saying but I phrase it a little more complicated.
Us British phrase things in a way which irradicates negative statements; this is what I did.
Every word counts that comes from Him.
He is not the author of confusion.
He speaks in mysteries, but lets me in on the secret.
He is wonderful.
He doesnt pick on me or nag me.
He shows me what true love means.
He thinks about me and cares for me.
He is wise.
He is gracious.
He has a sense of humour.
He knows what Ive been through and with me through all my trials and temptations.
He is not religious...
Jesus always understands what I mean cos he knows my heart.
He doesnt bring up past sins or hurts over and over again.
When im wrong, or dont quite get it, he gently corrects me.