Better Value For Better Amenities

Global warming is now a hot topic in government to government discussions and also in global meets across different continents. While low lying countries are afraid of the problem of water logging due to the melting of ice caps in the northern and southern poles, the countries like the UAE located in the tropic arid desert climate zone are concerned about the high temperatures which may exceed the present highest day temperatures ever recorded.

The national government is looking at ways to contain the impact of global warming by reducing the use of fossil fuels and also through reforestation programmes so that the green cover will be a bulwark against the rising temperature graph. Since earlier times, the UAE and other countries in the gulf were dependent on refrigeration and air conditioning systems to preserve food and also to beat the desert climate.

But, the increasing temperatures are likely to put more pressure on the existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems and they will consume more power. Even then, the refrigeration and air conditioning codes and standards being followed in the UAE is one of the best and when compared to that being applied in other countries, the power consumption is on the lower side. An apartment or property for sale will have to clearly specify the air conditioning amenities and infrastructure on offer. A potential buyer will certainly look for a property that is well equipped with the necessary amenities since putting up the air conditioning systems is a costly proposition due to the high labor costs.