Beyond the Cross .


Beyond the Cross .

A thought ----- that although we always focus upon Christ's ultimate suffering for us on the cross ( and so we should ) we fail to go beyond the sacrifice he made for us and focus on the joy of our heavenly Father as He received His only Son , Jesus Christ , who fulfilled all the Father's will .

What Joy must have occurred that we can never imagine as Father God receives his Only Begotten Son into His Holy presence . The hosts of angels must have been singing their praises as Jesus Christ is crowned , King of Glory . All of heaven must have burst into song - Jesus Christ was exonerated as He fulfilled His Father's will to die for humanity ... as a spotless lamb to be our Saviour.

I imagine the triumphal , jubilant return of Jesus as his Father gives Him the ultimate privilege to sit at His right hand . As He was coming in the clouds of heaven angels were preparing for his return .Salvation was completed for you and for me . Christ is seated at the right hand of Power and Majesty .

Just part of something I read this morning that also impacted me :

We see the truth demonstrated in God's own victory . While He intended to bless humanity . He was severely insulted by malicious , ungodly people . However, He suffered thorough His passion unharmed and gained a mighty victory over sin and an everlasting crown of triumph. Therefore He accomplished His providential purpose , loved the righteous , and destroyed the cruelty of the unrighteous. ...... ..... Eusebius

Wonderful reminders, Dusty !!

Blessings... †
:smiley90: every blessing we have that is joy and victory is and was by the way of the cross that our beloved Jesus suffered
God was rejoicing at the fullfillment of all . And yes we should as well . were not ment to be defeated Christians in hopeless despair because of our self inflicted nonsense (sin)