Bible Camp

Bible Camp

My daughter left today for her first week at Bible Camp! Needless to say, she was both very excited and very nervous. There are 3 kids from her school going, so that helped with the nerves.

The camp she is attending is only 10 minutes away from us, so no complaining!

This is the program she is in.

PIONEERS - Completing 6th grade
Wagons Ho! Outdoor cooking, community building, cow milking, game playing, craft making, swimming and Bible study will fill your day before you gather around the campfire and then hit the hay in a Covered Wagon.At the end of the week you'll join in a traditional pioneer hoe-down. Pioneer in the great outdoors!

Anyone else have kiddos that go to camp?
I'm a little worried about her because she is SO tired today! We were up at 7 am to get ready for the swim meet then of course swimming all day, then right to camp. She gets very emotional when she's over-tired (don't we all!) AND it's rumbling outside and while she tries to be brave, storms bother her a bit.

She's probably fine and I'm just being a nervous Mom!
She IS fine.
She and the other girls will have a blast and she'll be brave.
We moms always worry about our babies though!
I do! I'm sure she's fine! She was soooo excited about going! And Hunter is excited to have Mom and Dad to himself for a few days!

Thanks for the reassurance though - it REALLY helps!