Bible Chronological order and Job

Jun 20, 2008
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Bible Chronological order and Job

Brothers and sisters.

I'd like to know what the real Bible chronological order is. Well I know no one is right and we can't really know but at least the most close to it. I am not interested in people arguing over which goes first, but I am interested in all opinions and we can conclude something out of that. Any website also will be great and also opinions :)

Secondly, can someone please explain to me the moral of the story of Job ? and what it is and so forth. A summary of it in a way. I keep hearing it's one of the oldest stories in the Bible and it's not in its right place in the Bible I have (NKJV & KJV) and I hear many things about that story. I did not read it yet, I'm not there yet xD :D but will be one day. =)

thanks everyone :)
God bless you all
Jan 24, 2007
I have heard the Job is the oldest book in the Bible. Somebody told me they thought Ruth was, but I am not sure about that.
I have heard Galatians is the oldest book in the NT.
Don't quote me though I am not positive.
Aug 27, 2008
This book is so called from Job, whose prosperity, afflictions, and restoration, are here
recorded. He lived soon after Abraham, or perhaps before that patriarch. Most likely it
was written by Job himself, and it is the most ancient book in existence. The
instructions to be learned from the patience of Job, and from his trials, are as useful now,
and as much needed as ever. We live under the same Providence, we have the same
chastening Father, and there is the same need for correction unto righteousness. The
fortitude and patience of Job, though not small, gave way in his severe troubles; but his
faith was fixed upon the coming of his Redeemer, and this gave him steadfast and
constancy, though every other dependence, particularly the pride and boast of a
self-righteous spirit, was tried and consumed. Another great doctrine of the faith,
particularly set forth in the book of Job, is that of Providence. It is plain, from this
history, that the Lord watched over his servant Job with the affection of a wise and loving

Jun 20, 2008
Canada Quebec
brother you're so nice thanks a lot love you a lot :)
Do you have more concerning this subject ?

it's strange to hear that Job was written before Abraham.
but it's also strange because God allowed Satan to mess with Job right?
What was wrong with Job ? does anyone know? was he self-righteous and prideful? I'm not too sure I understand the summary.
Aug 27, 2008
Job humbles himself to God. (1-5)
The Lord reasons with Job to show his righteousness, power, and wisdom. (6-14)
God’s power shown in Behemoth. (15-24)​
Job 40:1
Vs. 1-5​
Communion with the Lord effectually convinces and humbles a saint, and
makes him glad to part with his most beloved sins. There is need to be thoroughly
convinced and humbled, to prepare us for remarkable deliverances. After God had shown
Job, by his manifest ignorance of the works of nature, how unable he was to judge of the
methods and designs of Providence, he puts a convincing question to him; Shall he that
contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? Now Job began to melt into godly sorrow:
when his friends reasoned with him, he did not yield; but the voice of the Lord is
powerful. When the Spirit of truth is come, he shall convince. Job yields himself to the
grace of God. He owns himself an offender, and has nothing to say to justify himself. He
is now sensible that he has sinned; and therefore he calls himself vile. Repentance
changes men’s opinion of themselves. Job is now convinced of his error. Those who are
truly sensible of their own sinfulness and vileness, dare not justify themselves before
God. He perceived that he was a poor, mean, foolish, and sinful creature, who ought not
to have uttered one word against the Divine conduct. One glimpse of God’s holy nature
would appeal the stoutest rebel. How, then will the wicked bear the sight of his glory at
the day of judgment? But when we see this glory revealed in Jesus Christ, we shall be
humbled without being terrified; self-abasement agrees with filial love.

Job 40:6
Vs. 6-14​
Those who profit by what they have heard from God, shall hear more from
him. And those who are truly convinced of sin, yet need to be more thoroughly
convinced and more humbled. No doubt God, and he only, has power to humble and
bring down proud men; he has wisdom to know when and how to do it, and it is not for
us to teach him how to govern the world. Our own hands cannot save us by
recommending us to God’s grace, much less rescuing us from his justice; and therefore
into his hand we must commit ourselves. The renewal of a believer proceeds in the same
way of conviction, humbling, and watchfulness against remaining sin, as his first
conversion. When convinced of many evils in our conduct, we still need convincing of
many more.

Job 40:15
Vs. 15-24​
God, for the further proving of his own power, describes two vast animals, far
exceeding man in bulk and strength. Behemoth signifies beasts. Most understand it of an
animal well known in Egypt, called the river-horse, or hippopotamus. This vast animal
is noticed as an argument to humble ourselves before the great God; for he created this
vast animal, which is so fearfully and wonderfully made. Whatever strength this or any
other creature has, it is derived from God. He that made the soul of man, knows all the
ways to it, and can make the sword of justice, his wrath, to approach and touch it. Every
godly man has spiritual weapons, the whole armor of God, to resist, yea, to overcome
the tempter, that his never-dying soul may be safe, whatever becomes of his frail flesh and
mortal body.

Aug 27, 2008
Concerning Leviathan.​
Job 41:1​
The description of the Leviathan, is yet further to convince Job of his own weakness, and
of God’s almighty power. Whether this Leviathan be a whale or a crocodile, is disputed.
The Lord, having showed Job how unable he was to deal with the Leviathan, sets forth
his own power in that mighty creature. If such language describes the terrible force of
Leviathan, what words can express the power of God’s wrath? Under a humbling sense of
our own vileness, let us revere the Divine Majesty; take and fill our allotted place, cease
from our own wisdom, and give all glory to our gracious God and Savior. Remembering
from whom every good gift cometh, and for what end it was given, let us walk humbly​
with the Lord.
Aug 10, 2007
Austintown, Oh
There are a couple chronological Bibles available. The one that I have is titled: "The one year chronological Bible" published by tyndale. It lists the events of the Bible in the proper chronological order and arranges the text so the whole Bible can be read in a year. Paperback and reasonable.

I have the older one, which is out-of-print, and now listed as used at $6.06.



Apr 29, 2008
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The Book of Job is indeed the oldest written book in the Bible.

The entire Book was written in 3000 BC, if I'm not mistaken, but I'll have to get some sort of confirmation for that. But regardless of the exact date, it was written before the time of Moses, and before the Torah was actually put together.

In Job 26:7, some information is shared...

He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
he suspends the earth over nothing.

Job tells us that the earth if free-floating in Space. I wonder what the people of his time thought about that! :eek:
Nov 9, 2007
Well wait a minute now people.

First we must realize, for the most part, the Old Test is in chronological order, when look at the historical coverage each demonstrates in them.

But, we must also realize, tho the Jews did have Old Test. in diverse forms, from sandstone to types of rock, then to metal plates, then forms of parchment, some of the "Canon" of the Old Test was lost for a time, then when parts refound, added in later.

This accounts for books like Daniel, Job, Ezekiel and others being out of true chronological order. If question this, just go back thru historical documents concerning the wars Jewish people dealt with thru the last 1,000 years before Christ first appeared. You'd find records about attacks on major Jewish cities and teritories that left many a temple in ruin or alot of damage to them and contents.

You can also check the Roman historical documentations found in Bascilicas over in Europe, from back in Constantine's reign, where the person he had collect all Christian Biblical and historical documents from Europe to the Middle East and those records show the damge some of the documents found had sustained.

Not only that, but there is no pure accuracy to prove the New Test. Books are all in Chronological order either. I've also come across documentations to prove or seriously question the named authorship of some of the Gospel Books.

And it wasn't until we came across the "Dead Sea Scrolls", that we did not have any other ancient documentations of the Old Test.

Remember, the Jews saw first- Babylonia, then Medes and Persians, the the Greeks, then Rome each violently take over captivity of the Jews. And Babylonia was the first to reak terrible havoc in the Temple and remove all its documents and artifacts back to thier Middle Eastern home base as it were.

And, as for New Test. Books, they were come across by later Church Leaders, who had been given them, found them or told of them by others or in Temples in the territories covered by the apostles for the 7 main Churches they started.

There have been "Scribe Cities" unearthed in archeology that have given us also, alot of historical backround info, that proves much of Old Test Charactors and writings, as well as other aspects into the New Test. era.

But really, the chronology has nothing to do with our lives and relationships lived in God thru Christ. What they Teach is.

God Bless!!
Jun 20, 2008
Canada Quebec
thanks a lot for the great posts guys and girls. thanks CC for the information. I have a question for you though. in the Dead sea scrolls, did they also find the NT ? or only the OT ?
I have heard both sides of the story. that they did fine NT and some are they didn't find NT.

MWM those verses are not enough to say that it's the oldest book. but those verses are indeed a huge proof for those unbelievers to prove to them that a 6000 year old man knew that the earth was floating on nothing (gravity) while only recently they discovered that. Truly our God is the living One.

wounded. I don't believe that the Behemoth was a hippopotamus because a hippo doesn't have a tail like cedar tree. but I thank you a lot for the information that you got from a website :)

if anyone has more info I'll be glad to read ! God bless you all brothers :)
much love in Christ