Bible Gateway for a sig?

Bible Gateway for a sig?

Question for the admins. I have Biblegateway verse of the day running on my myspace page. Is there any way to use it as my sig here? If you want to view the available options for it to see if you see how it could be compatible here's the link:
BIble Gateway verse of the day
Thanks for you time.


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Steve, you wont be able to use it because if BibleGateway server goes down, all your posts will take too much time to load and hence the pages containing your posts might load slower. (The pages may not load until the code gets Biblegateway to generate the required html)
I had this problem before. :eek: Thats why I shifted the 'verse of the day' on forum home page from right to left, so our forum load first and then the verses. :)