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i have had a e-mail from a lady in nigeria asking for help.she needs bibles,to spread the there anyway we can help?.i have her address if the moderators can do anything or maybe we have any bibles to offer.
I have also received e-mail from Nigeria asking for help getting Bibles. I did not go through with it. This appeared to me to be some kind of scam, maybe a way of getting cash plus personal information. Let me know how it turns out. Maybe I am being a little paranoid.
The vast majority of these emailings and forum PM's are a scam.

The Administrator and Moderators here at CFS take these con artist attempts, to secure funding and materials, quite seriously.

Some have registered here falsely to just gain access to email addresses if members have those visible, and then they use that information to prey on the members who may not be aware of how these people operate.

It is the recommendation of CFS to leave your private email address private and not visible to members from within your profile options.

It is also the recommendation of the staff here at CFS for members to notify us immediately if someone contacts you in PM to give, donate, fund or tithe. We will take care of those requests by banning the originator and reporting them to the Internet Fraud Unit closest to their location: FBI, Scotland Yard, South African Police Services, Australian Federal Police, etc...

We have the ability to track these persons by IP address, hosting ISP and several other technical means available to us which we will not discuss.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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