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reading new testamen kjv,in one boog it says an ointment was poured on jesus feet,in another over his head.?could you check this for us?
John 12:3 says that Mary used expensive ointment which was perfume, on Jesus feet and wiped them with her hair.
We can see if anyone else has any input but I don't think the Bible says anything about Jesus' head being annointed.
S-C: If you are reading TWO DIFFERENT King James Version Bibles from two different publishers, there is a chance that the terminology may be different. (Unfortunate, but it happens.)

Can you tell me which one's you are using? There should be a Publisher's Page near the front of both bibles and an ISBN number on that same page. Get me that info and the Chapter and Verse that you are referring to and I'll do some research and get back to you. There is enough translation confusion going on without two publishers misquoting the same KJV verse. Thanks, S-C.
Dear SC, Mary was a prostitute who Jesus forgave and she became his follower.
She loved him so much that she took her very expensive perfume and poured it on his feet, to clean them/rub them then she wiped his feet off with her hair.
Maybe you are getting 2 different stories mixed up.
You know churches annoint people's heads with oil?
sorry just wrote that from a thread explaining the 2 diffrent stories.i didn,t know there was 2 seperate women.
SC, I don't think anybody ever annointed Jesus' head that the Bible mentions.
Are you sure you just didn't hear about or see on TV someone getting annointed on the forehead in Jesus' name?
It's true!
When Jesus was at Simon's house a woman came in and poured oil on Jesus' head, so you are not the crazy one SC, it is ME!
i thought it was 2 versions of the same story but now it looks like 2 seperate events.who was the women?
It's Mark 14!

I never realized it was poured over his head.
I'm glad you brought it up and thank you Pastor gary, also!