THANKS! I hope this is a place with people that I can really learn from. I have felt lately that God is dealing with my heart. I feel like I'm being prepared for something but I don't know what. All I know or feel is that I need to prepare myself... I wanna be one that can help that person that has the questions but for now I will probably be the one asking questions :).

Just a few things about myself.. I'm 17 I'll be 18 in December:D. I'm a guy and I live in Meridian, Mississippi. My first name is Beau (Bo)... I've been looking for a good Christian forum and I think I've found it here.

I know I'm new here but... I'm speaking at FCA at my school in December. Going by the attendance so far there may be upwards of 150 or so people there. This will be my first time speaking in front of that many people... But I felt like I needed to speak on the importance of God's Word. Not just that we should read it but why. God's Word is a VERY powerful thing and in ways very complex. I have some scripture that I have been studying for the past month or so I THINK I'm off to a good start but if there is anything that anyone can think of that would help me please mention it. I know that at my age I can reach people that others cannot and it is my duty as a Christian to help lead those that I can reach to Christ. ANY help will be dearly appreciated!!!


Hi Bo and welcome to CFS. Take your time and look around, there are a broad range of subjects discussed here by a diverse group of believers.I look forward to talking to you.
Lol... its a common mistake but... I put Beau (Bo) because my name is spelled Beau but is pronounced Bo. A lot of people try and pronounce it Bew or something. It's ok it happens all the time.:D

But I felt lead to speak on the importance of God's word.

It's supposed to last at least 25 minutes. I THINK I'm off to a good start but... I'll just post what I have so far.

I wanted to start off with an analogy to maybe give an image. There are several I could use but I decided to go with driving down an un-familiar road at night. Most of us are teens and can drive now. If your ever in Mississippi watch out:D.

Anyway.... Say your friend invited you to his/her house for a little get together. You have never been to this persons house and all you have to go by is a road map and a broad description given to you by your friend. To top all of this off it's at night so you will have to drive in the dark. Well... you left about 20 minutes ago and its now dark enough that you can't see without your headlights. You drive on closely watching the road in front of you but basing your navigation solely on the broad description that your friend gave you. After driving for some time you realize that you are late for the get together and you have no clue where you are... Your cell phone has no service and you can't call your friend. A light feeling of panic comes over you...if that makes sense.. but you continue to drive not knowing where you are and only being able to see as far as your headlights can shine... Then bam it dons on you that you brought your road map... You know the address so it should be easy to find. You pull over check things out and find out you have been circling your friends place for the last 15minutes. You laugh and say to yourself how glad you are you remembered that road map.

I'm not sure if its a good analogy but..
If you don't know already the road map represents God's Holy Word and the trip to the friends represents our walk in life. Sometimes we have to go down a dark and un-familiar road in our lives and we can only see as far as our eyes will let us. This is where God's Word comes in. It is our guide to our everyday life as a Christian. His Word is full of hope and direction to help guide us through this world. Like the person in the illustration we as Christians sometimes wait to the end when the Word(or God)is a last resort when it should have been our first.

Then I have some scripture that I want to try and use to show the importance of His Word.

Proverbs 16:9 and Psalm 119:105.

In Proverbs 16:9 we are told that our hearts will plan our ways but the Lord will guide our feet. In Psalm 119:105 we are told that the Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The Lord will guide our steps in our walk with him and Word is our flashlight. He is going to guide us but there will be times when Satan and the world will throw things in our path.. If we have our flashlight we can see this obstacle and find the best way through it.

Hebrews 4:12
This is a deep one:D. The word is living. The message that I receive form a passage may not be the same as the one that Joe or Jen gets. In this way it is sharper than any two-edged sword it will convict us all in different ways. Through this scripture we also know that there is know hiding from what the Word has for us. If you read it and the Lord is dealing with you it WILL convict you. It will reveal that secret sin that even you didn't even know about...

Ephesians 6:17
The Word of God is a weapon?!? Yes it is. Not only is it a means by which we can learn and study to prepare ourselves and put on the armor it is indeed a weapon. We do not fight a physical battle but a spiritual one. An eternal one. A battle for our soul. After we have put on our armor of God it is our duty to show others how to do the same for themselves. In this way the Word is a weapon. We use God's Word to combat Satan and point lost souls to the Lord.

Last but certainly not least...

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God.

In the beginning was the word...
From this we can understand that the Word was there when it all started... It is the foundation for us Christians it's the basics.. We can't go out and be a good Christian without first knowing the basics.

If you don't already know that the Word was pretty dang important than you should by reading and the Word was with God. This wonderful gift was with God. It's not some story that is tradition to hand down from generation. It's not some fad.. its the Truth. It is a beacon of light in the darkness of the world.

and the Word is God.
Think about that... and the Word is God. Something that is a must have as Christians is a close relationship with God. If we don't get into the word and partake of this gift he has given us then I find it hard to have a close relationship with our Savior.

This is what I have been studying and trying to prepare myself with... If anyone has any advice I'm all ears:D


So far so good Bo. One thing I always try to remember is someting I picked up reading Yonggi Cho's writings. His church is a modest 830,000 at last count. Anyway whenever he gives a presentation he always stops and does this "Holy Spirit let's You and I bring this Word to the people" He asks the Holy Spirit's revelation and for Him to teach thru him, then he relaxes trusting in the fact that IT IS God's will to move. If you display this confidence in God and realize that it is His work and responsibilty you will not only relax but you will be amazed at the things that happen. Many blessigns and keep up the good work, your brother Larry
Thanks! I know that He will give me the words but I wanted to prepare myself as much as possible. I really hope God speaks through me like I have seen Him speak through others.


I guess I was talking more about the presentation then the preperation but Holy Spirit guidance is necessary there as well. I am expecting a great report!