Big thing?

Big thing?

2 years ago...I decided one day when i grow up to be ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. I don't see myself in any other way than with Christ in Church...
First I was afraid to tell that to anyone in my family and friends cause I didn't knew how will people react on that, but i had to tell it once... Its like 3-4 people that support me in that decision...
So I would really appreciate any of your help and supports cause I want to hear what people think about it.

Cause I chosen Christ, cause I chosen to be small... We are all witnesses of His Grace, we are all witnesses of His Salvation, and I feel responsible to accept that call and to give Him back my life for everything he did for me... for us...

How great my God is?
Great enough to have my love! Cause one day I will walk to Him with empty hands, I will have nothing but love... and I will give Him everything I have - I will give Him all my love cause He truly deserves it!

Forever I am changed by Your Love! :)


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Each of us ultimately receives a blessing from God about our calling. It could be assisting a minister or church to teach Sunday School. It could be visiting the elderly at a nursing home so they have someone to talk with. It could be entering a Seminary to eventually be a messenger of God's Word. It could be just setting a good Christian example for our family and friends so they can realize how wonderful it is to be a Christian.

We each find our place in God's plan and it looks as if you have found yours. May God's blessings be with you as you do His work.