Black Friday

My wife bakes goodies for presents to our relatives, except for the kids of course - they want toys.

And what does Bro Larry do ?..... He He Probably eats the bakes goods and the wife has to make more.:D:D:D:p:p

I love to get home baked goods and things that people sewed or crafted. To me that is so personal and I know that there is love put into those kinds of gifts.

I make baked goods for my neibours too.
Good job Kitsap girl..... you got some real good bargains... but for me I am not so agressive and hate crouds.

That's just it, I'm a non confrontational person...I flee confrontation...I know there are a lot of THOSE people out there...that's why I refused to stand in line at Office Depot.

What I didn't tell you guys is that I passed up many other bargains at Walmart, World Market, Toys R Us, Pier 1 Imports, Fred Meyer, Circuit City, Best Buy, Old Navy...

I knew there would be problems at those places, because the ads said "guaranteed minimum of 2 per store". Basically they were offering these items at a major discount, but they would likely only have 2 per store. This means that if 20 people all line up for that one thing, then 18 of them are going to be irritated.

The stores are CREATING the meelee. They take a few highly sought after items, and advertise them for next to nothing, but they only offer a small quantity of them between this time & that.

It's a glimpse of the day food will be so scarce that it will take a days wages to purchase a loaf of bread. If bread is available, there will be chaos.
Ain't that the truth,,, Kitsap girl. Hey, we have all those stores that you mentioned so now I can see when they talk about the U.S. and Canada becoming one that it could come now our dollar is at par with yours too. Hmmm, what do you think. Might be sooner than we think.
I remember one year this little old lady got trampled at Walmart because there were people racing back to get the 50-dollar DVD players. Remember that?

Walmart turned around and laid one away for her! LOL You'd think they'd just give her one, poor thing.

I worked at Shopko a long while back. The employees (me included) knew what the best bargains were and we were hiding things in the back room. Then we showed up and stood in line with everybody else, he he he:D

I know that wasn't fair, but I bet a lot of the other stores are doing the same thing.