Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit

Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit

Believers I need clarification on this subject. I've always and still believe that when one blasphemes against the Holy Spirit is when the person attributes the work of the Holy Spirit to the devil; like in Matthew 12:22-32. Now how does this make a person lose their salvation?
Believers I need clarification on this subject. I've always and still believe that when one blasphemes against the Holy Spirit is when the person attributes the work of the Holy Spirit to the devil; like in Matthew 12:22-32. Now how does this make a person lose their salvation?

Matt 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
32And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

Some wise person on this site answered this a while back by saying - “If you are worried about blaspheming the Holy Spirit – you haven't.†This is because blasphemy is an act of total apostasy – at this point you really don't care anymore. The religious leaders seemed to be doing just that. Jesus was condemned by the Sanhedrin for blasphemy. The proof of which was his own words when he admitted who he really was. But officially the Jewish record shows that he was condemned for doing magic and sorcery and for misleading Israel. This is real blasphemy – if they really knew what they were doing.

I think the key here is knowing the absolute truth and assigning the things of God to Satan knowingly. Consider that the fallen Angels are not redeemable by the cross – Why? Because they knew the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit face to face for possibility billions of years – who knows. They had full knowledge of the character of God himself – his goodness, love, and mercy. And they rebelled despite all of this.

On the forefront of evangelism in this life is - God the Father and God the Son. All things will be forgiven human beings in their ignorance when they enter into God's New Covenant by believing the message and entering into baptism.

In order to blaspheme the Holy Spirit you have to intimately know the Holy Spirit. So therefore only people or angels who have an intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit - or people who know God personally can in reality blaspheme the Holy Spirit, which is to attribute the works of the Holy Spirit as evil and to rebel against the character of God in his Holiness and truth.

The principle is to rebel and do evil with full knowledge of who the Holy Spirit really is.
My pastor spoke about this topic several Sundays ago and he said the same thing that Jasher is basically saying..... That if you are concerned about having done it, then you haven't. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit occurs when a person knows, and then chooses to do it. The way that it eternally separates you from God is because when you turn your back and blaspheme the Hold Spirit, then you separate yourself from him. My pastor talked about how the Holy Spirit whispers to us in that still small voice, and we listen and hear it. But when you Blaspheme, you are continuously shoving away the voice until you can no longer hear it. So, you become eternally lost because you can no longer hear the voice, and you continue down a path of destruction.

My Pastor gave a funny story about when he was a kid and they would "play church." He said he always wanted to be this lady who was in his church because she would get up in the middle of service every Sunday and start making a ruckus because she was overcome by the Holy Spirit. So, when they would play, he would always be that lady. As he got older, one Sunday he heard a sermon on Blaspheming the Holy Spirit and he was suddenly scared. He was afraid that by mocking this lady all those years of his youth that he had now committed the unpardonable sin. That was when he learned the truth. That it is not those who do so out of ignorance or innocence. It is those who know the spirit and then choose to do so. Blasphemy is about making a choice. It is that choice that makes the sin unpardonable, because that choice makes you completely numb and deaf to the Lord.

I hope I explained it all right. :eek: If not, then I hope that God will help you understand what I am trying to explain in my poor attempts at explaining.
My knowledge of names in the bible is terrible.

But did Jesus not have a follower (perhaps even one of his apostles) who hated Christ? Who hated Christians? Surely at some point in time he committed the unforgivable sin. Did he get salvation

(if you konw who I am talking about, name drop would ya)
Hi Dave

I believe you are refering to Paul,originally he was called Saul and he was persecuting and killing Christians until he had his encounter with Christ and was converted.

At this stage in Pauls life he was a unbeliever.

The scripture in reference to blashpheming against the Holy Spirit is aimed at those who are believers.

An example of this would be where a saved person who has felt the power of the Spirit,who has done works through the Spirit,but now denys the Spirit and the power of the Spirit

They would be guilty.

This my understanding and I hope it helps you.


I was just thinking about this subject today and wondering if I had done this myself. By the looks of this thread I dont think I have, thank you all for your posts of scripture
Does this (blaspheming against the Holy Spirit) make a person lose their salvation?
We had a discussion in our church and a conclusion that was reached was that a born-again believer cannot lose their salvation. Hence this thread.
Although I am a believer in the 'once saved always saved' idea,

I also believe that if one was in a position where they had blashphemed against the Holy Spirit (which I believe would be where a person had witnessed the power of God,felt the power and have moved in the power,to now turn their back on it and deny its truth) I feel they may be on a slippery slope to losing salvation,although that decision lies at the feet of God.

I dont think we have all the answers to this,
yet we can rest assured that God is the judge and He will judge as He sees fit.