Blessed Before Being A Blessing.

This morning was preparing to study when the blessing to study a certain area came into mind. Later same day encouraging someone about the way God can fill their mind with the word so there is no room for the mind battles. The studies were a new blessing in order to help fill my mind with more new good thoughts. God turned the blessing sowed to another person to be the same as a reaping a blessing for me. God is so good in opening doors to feed on his word to be filled with over flowing joy.
The Lord's word is amazing to me. I love reading it and I also love hearing scripture in music either direct words from the Bible or reference to it... it is very encouraging.
for a certain period of time began to think about the need for more equipment for my music ministry. I had one PA system already and used it a few years. The thoughts in my mind were you need another PA system to add to yours. It didn't occur to me that after getting it set up and running that God was behind the whole thing---he wanted to give me a double portion in equipment. Now there is enough to make a full complete stage concert for large auditoriums.

He also causd me to see that the size of a small guitar amp doesn't matter if it is connected to the PA. I had a little Bheringer collecting dust. It is quite a little amp.

I hardly can sit down to praise and worship and God gives me new songs. Today was full music and lyrics for a whole song. As always God is blessing me before I can bless others.
That is true, we take of the gift he has given us and he causes us to be skillful with it. One day he said to me pick up a six string guitar. He then gave me the ability by his Spirit to learn 7 important chords in 2 days. That was out of memory and was playing fast and unconfused.

years later he said I am going to give you the gift of music. In a short time sometimes immediately was playing, drums, bass, guitar, piano, clarinette, flute, sax, recorder, harmonica, violin, accordion, melodian, and others. Then playing piano with my feet, twelve string and harmonica at same time. including singing. Remember him saying sing in a higher tone. I sing bass all the way up to a female high. Also sing male and female at the same time in harmony. Also sing in every Genre ---no rock. Have trained many people.

Most awesome is when he tells me the lyrics to write. They can be deep at times, other times prophetical.
in the past when in the recording studio with a professional, he gave me a tip. He said when you sing in the churches they like to hear a little word also. My other friend who was there said you don't have to worry about him he always shares the word, even in his music.

One of the applications to the gift of music was the ability to actual preach the word through music. My call is to preach. My songs are filled with the word. Some of them actually teach a bible story. Last night the Lord gave me a song which tells the main theme of the book of Hosea. The diiference to knowing it is a gift is how the song comes out. It is easy to write a song about a bible subject. One must know how to use that subject in a way to touch the hearers heart. That is where God blesses. I wrote, composed and memorized the song in one day. Getting ready
to copyright it.

I only copyright my songs so no one can put me in jail for stealing my own song.