Blessed In Music Ministry.

you tube song ----- Jesus Christ acrostic Davidt Coleman. it is a blessing to be a blessing. Doors are opening everywhere. Same on Godtube and E-zekiel tv. The bass sounds better there. My desire is to excite people about Jesus. God has certain people called revivalists. It burns within them a strong desire above average. it is a gift. One person who came out of Satanism told me it was a person they knew who came out of Satanism but didn't change their secret name yet who complimented on my song table is ready. it is very prophetical.
Isa. 9:6 I wrote a song about that verse and the Holy Spirit gave another song which you sing back to back. it is about anti-abortion. Thanks for your encouraging post.
just wanted to praise God for helping me copyright 45 songs today. The new picture I just posted to your left is a special picture doing governmental concerts. Playing for Gov. mayors, high society folks. once a presentation for the key to the city. singing my song American neighbors, God bless America and others. I have a different way of doing music also. this is a link to my site. Exodus study is 2012 archive with videos through it of my music. God bless.
What a blessing to praise the Lord. He encourages me every time. If you want to be in a position to here God more and the devil less, just praise God in Spirit and in truth. Things have been happening for me outside of the music realm that are fantastic. In his presence all blessings flow.

Because of the intense music writing for some time now God rewarded me with a gift. In 3 weeks memorized the whole N.T. and a large chunk out of O.T. a total of 6 weeks combined. This is a big glory for God who has healed a man who
had a messed up mind as a rocker. thank you Father God in Jesus.
The new equipment is a real blessing. Have been working with female vocal worship help. Also doing some piano solo work. Also have been working on some gospel music projects which are different than what anyone has heard before. What I like esp. in writing my own music is that is how it comes from the heart. Others do have songs that would be nice to sing. I just love the Holy Spirit living through me to be what I was called to be.
It is easy to get excited about a open opportunity. That is also because many churches do not like visitors to come in and sing. Then the Lord may tell you to turn down a opportunity when it comes---they said a sort of yes. That was because they didn't want me to bring the whole package. It reminds of Pharaoh saying you can go but leave your stuff behind.
You may get surprised when the Lord says don't go. That is because they are looking for a worship leader and it would be a snare to keep from bringing a blessing to others---locked down there.
God honored my obedience and put a new anointing on the music. Hard to explain it but will say he improved skill instantly beyond imagination. He also shows my new name addition. first my name-not brodav9, and add the feats band. Studied it in scriptures and also dictionary. it is long but take one. It says my people will do exploits. The word for that is feat.

several years ago while working, a fellow saw my large feet. He thought it funny to call me---hay feets. I liked it to.
Have even wore a size 17 narrow boot. God made me large feet , and now see it was for playing piano with the feet.
Well substitute feets, with feats. God makes us skillful to do feats. feats include special skill and to do exploits is to amaze in these days to win soul to the gospel. see Dan. 11:32. Also in Jn. 14:12 greater works shall you do, because I go to the father. That is because when he would go he would give the Holy Spirit.

Appreciate any prayers concerning hijacker in my computer, which stops me from sending out videos. God bless.
If you want to be in a position to here God more and the devil less, just praise God in Spirit and in truth.

I realize you posted this a while ago but I am new to the site so I just saw it, and I just had to say AMEN brother. That really encourages me because I have been hearing the devil a LOT recently... you gotta praise the holy Name of the Lord!
Thank you very much. It means a lot to hear when one is encouraged. You must be drawing closer to the Lord because that is only when there is a battle. Many are at ease, so the devil gives them a false peace or leaves them alone. It is a shame that some do not know the awesome blessing of entering God's presence.

I will take a moment to share a discernment the Holy Spirit showed me. He spoke to my heart while worshiping him. He pointed out that some who sing make a lip sound when saying (you). Instead they say what sounds like (hew). It is a carnal way of sounding cool to others when they sing. It really sounds as if they are saying I'm not singing to you (God) but to please the flesh of a hearer.

That is how fine tuned my discernment is made by the Spirit. The youth in the church need to be taught holiness and or reverence to God. Many sing for a paycheck. Others sing in a desire for God but don't know some things have to change in their lives for God to receive their worship. It must be all about him and done his way. Jesus must always be a sweet smelling savor to the father---even by us. On Google write brodav9

can see some of my videos. God bless and thanks.