Blessings From Alaska

Blessings From Alaska

:israel:praise God from Alaska!

My name is Johanna and I live in Juneau, Alaska.

I am an Alaska Native whose calling is to GO into the villages where you don't see many GO for Him. I LOVE going into the villages to carry His
message and love to my people, His people.

I've been saved for 29 years now and couldn't have it any other way but

It's been a battle these past few weeks but I know whom I believed and am persuaded He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him.

Blessings from Him!


Welcome to the Family. We are happy that you decided to join. We are looking forward to hearing more from you. God will bless you mighty for the work that you are allowing Him to work through you.


So happy that you found us. This is such a wonderful forum, filled with wonderful Christians, from whom I've learned so much. I look forward to fellowship with you also.

Blessings, Cheri
Welcome Johanna. Just jump right in and become a part of this wonderful group of people. This site is so refreshing and filled with great things.