Blood Red, Blue, and Super Moon - Jan 31

Feb 2, 2014
Tomorrow morning at 8:27 am EST the moon will be a blood red, blue and super moon. However, the blood moon part will be best viewed in Hawaii and Alaska.

A Blue moon is when two full moons happen within the same calendar month. A Blood Red moon means it's a full eclipse. A Super moon is when it's closet to earth. The last time all three of these occurred was 150 years ago.

But the partial eclipse will be seen at these times.
  • Washington DC - 7.51am to 9.07am
  • New York City - 7.51am to 9.07am
  • Chicago - 6.51am to 8.07am
  • Kansas City - 6.51am to 8.07am
  • Denver - 5.51am - 7.07am
  • Phoenix - 5.51am - 7.07am
  • Los Angeles - 4.51am to 6.07am
  • Seattle - 4.51am to 6.07am
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