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Book Download

If you haven't read Rick Joyner's trilogy yet - the first (complete) two of the three are now on the net for free. Probably the most significant books I have read in the past 15 years. Highly recommended.



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These three books were written by Pastor Rick Joyner as a result of visions he had from God. They are about spiritual growth and spiritual warfare. They are about changing your perceptions to what is precious in God's eyes. The first two were life changing events for me when I read them.
Sounds cool! Got a rundown or a summary just to peak some interest?


We are reading them again, which we usually do about twice per year. I'ts a picture of the Church from God's view and what he is doing about it. I didn't know how he saw the church, but am surprised when he sees the Church as a rag tag army, which he will change.


What surprised me most was what God viewed as precious and what He viewed as frivilous. I have read the first one on praticular at least 10 times and not to repeat myself but it was life changing. The anointing of God was all over that work.
I have not been able to read all of the first one, but I copied everything that was especially good. If any of you have not read the above post, it is worth taking the time.

For a time it seemed the more we achieved the more we were opposed.

I had drifted to the very edge without even knowing it, and could have easily fallen. I looked again into the eyes of Wisdom, and he said with the utmost seriousness, "Take heed when you think you stand, lest you fall. In this life you can fall from any level."

Now I knew that there was nothing more wonderful or exhilarating than simply worshipping Him. That would surely be the best part of heaven

Somehow I understood that his glory had been there all along, but when we focused on Him the way that we did in worship, we simply began to see more of His glory. The more intensely we worshipped, the more glory we beheld. If this was heaven, it was much, much better than I had ever dreamed.

"What you see with the eyes of your heart is more real than what you see with your physical eyes."

The more focused you are on Him, the more glory you will see, regardless of where you are."

As I opened my eyes, Wisdom was still gripping my shoulders. "I am the primary gift that has been given to you for your work," he said, "I will show you the way, and I will keep you on it, but only love will keep you faithful. The highest wisdom is to love the Lord."

"Part of John's revelation was from the third heaven, but most of it was from the second heaven. The first heaven was before the fall of man. The second heaven is the spiritual realm during the reign of evil upon the earth. The third heaven is when the love and domain of the Father will again prevail over the earth through your King."

'It is not by believing in your mind, but in your heart that results in righteousness.'"

Thank you sooooo much for sharing this. It really is a life changer.