Brandon Ablaze

Hey to all! We are brand new to this forum.

My wife and I came to Canada over the holidays and have felt lead to start a ministry here.

I have done mission work in a lot of places around the world including: Germany, Holland, France, Italy (with Dr. Michael Brown) and Canada where I met my wife.

More about our ministry at:

We need the prayers and support of all believers willing to give it. Our event is set for May 13th. We will have a full band and will be giving a Creation vs. Evolution presentation. At the end we will give an opportunity for those that do not know Jesus to meet him in a real way. The ministry website for this event can be found at: . A local newspaper just wrote and article about what we are doing here. It can be found under the "NEWS" tab on the Brandon Ablaze website.

If there is anyone on this forum who resides in Canada and would like to help with the event please email us at: [email protected].

Thanks and God bless!

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to CFS. I pray that your outreach will be a great success, and that God will use you and your wife mightily in your new home.

Just a tip about your web site - sites that open with audio playing automatically can be really annoying, particularly to those of us who are listening to something else on the computer whilst surfing the web. My normal reaction is to exit such sites very quickly.


Welcome to CFS, great to have you on the forums...

God Bless your ministry, its always great to have one of your own :)

Take care